3 Ways Clearcode Can Help You with Your AdTech or MarTech Project


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Since we began in 2009, we’ve partnered with over 50 AdTech/MarTech vendors — from startups to publicly traded companies — and worked on 100+ projects — from building custom platforms from the ground up to integrating existing platforms with other advertising and marketing tools. We’ve also built a couple of AdTech and MarTech companies of our own.

Thanks to these many years of experience, our full-service teams are able to provide our clients with a broad range of AdTech and MarTech development services.

Below are 3 main ways we can help you with your AdTech/MarTech project:

1. Designing and Building Custom AdTech or MarTech Platforms From Scratch

There’s a lot that goes into an AdTech/MarTech project, especially if you want to build the platform from scratch.

Our full-service development teams can help you with all aspects of custom AdTech/MarTech platform development — from defining the concept, to designing the UX/UI and frontend and backend development, to providing software and infrastructure maintenance and monitoring.

Below are just some of the projects we designed and built from scratch for our clients:


AddShoppers and Clearcode
AddShoppers is a startup that provides retailers with a social-sharing and analytics platform to help them identify their main influencers and increase their revenue through social media channels.

Read the AddShoppers case study to learn more.


Darwin360 and Clearcode
The analytics platform that provides comprehensive answers, not just data. Darwin360 gathers large amounts of information from a range of sources and presents it in a clear, clean and easy-to-understand way.

Read the Darwin360 case study to learn more.

We’ve also built a couple of companies of our own, including:

Kanary NEST

Kanary NEST was a project undertaken by Clearcode and Alex Wheldon, an marketing entrepreneur and investor.

Kanary NEST and Clearcode
Kanary NEST is a data-driven DSP allowing marketers to buy display ads by using programmatic and real-time bidding (RTB) technology, with fully transparent reporting on media spend, conversions, and commissions.

After 18 months of operation, it was acquired by Gravity4, a Silicon Valley-based AdTech company.

Read the Kanary NEST case study to learn more.

Piwik PRO

Clearcode founded Piwik PRO in 2013.

Piwik PRO and Clearcode
Piwik PRO is a fully integrated, privacy-focused marketing suite consisting of web analytics, tag management, content personalization and data management tools.

Piwik PRO raised a $2 million Series A investment round in March 2017.

Read the Piwik PRO case study to learn more.

More information about the types of advertising and marketing technology we design and build can be found on our Services page.

2. Expand Your Existing Platforms and Integrate Them With Other Components in the AdTech and MarTech Ecosystems

Many of our clients originally came to us with an existing solution but lacked either the skills, experience, knowledge, and/or resources needed to expand their platform.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, our teams can help you build new features to expand your AdTech or MarTech platforms.

We can also help you gain access to more functionalities, inventory, and data by integrating your platforms with other components in the AdTech and MarTech ecosystems, including:

Clearcode's AdTech and MarTech integrations
Just some of the AdTech and MarTech platforms we integrated client platforms with in the past.

Below are examples of some projects were we worked with our clients to expand their existing platform and integrate it with other advertising and marketing technology tools:


Clarivoy and Clearcode
Clarivoy is the revolutionary way to measure the impact of TV advertisements on website traffic and conversions offering data gathering, attribution and data presentation features.

Read the Clarivoy case study to learn more.


Rejoiner and Clearcode
Rejoiner is an eCommerce tool that offers online stores of all sizes the ability to regain some of their lost potential revenue caused by high cart-abandonment rates.

Read the Rejoiner case study to learn more.

To learn more about our custom AdTech and MarTech integration services, click here.

3. Build Features Your Clients Are Requesting But Your In-House Team Doesn’t Have Time For

One problem many large AdTech and MarTech companies face is that they don’t have any available resources to build features requested by clients as all their in-house development teams are all working on the core product.

We’ve helped many large companies build new features on top of their core product by working closely with their in-house teams, and we can do the same for you.

Also, as privacy and data ownership have been key components of our company since the beginning (Piwik PRO being a prime example), we can help you comply with and limit your exposure to various privacy laws, such as the GDPR and ePrivacy regulation, by building privacy features and making changes to your platforms.

While these 3 areas are our most popular AdTech and MarTech development services, there are many other areas we can help you with.

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