Klarna, one of Europe's largest banks, partnered with Clearcode to build their On-Site Messaging Platform.

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Piwik PRO

A fully integrated, privacy-focused analytics suite consisting of web analytics, tag management, content personalization and data management tools.

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Kanary Nest

Kanary NEST is a data-driven DSP allowing marketers to buy display ads by using programmatic and real-time bidding (RTB) technology, with fully transparent reporting on media spend, conversions, and commissions.

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ISOSKELE partnered with Clearcode to select the features and tech stack for their customer data platform (CDP) project.

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A fully customizable data-management stack consisting of ready-to-use data collection, data management, and content-personalization components.

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The revolutionary way to measure the impact of TV advertisements on website traffic and conversions offering data gathering, attribution and data presentation features.

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A range of social marketing apps for merchants that display a number of key social media metrics, allowing to optimize conversion rates, drive more traffic to the site, and increase average order value.

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Rejoiner is an eCommerce tool that offers online stores of all sizes the ability to regain some of their lost potential revenue caused by high cart-abandonment rates.

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The analytics platform that provides comprehensive answers, not just data. Darwin360 gathers large amounts of information from a range of sources and presents it in a clear, clean and easy-to-understand way.

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Open Source

Our team regularly incorporates open-source software and new technologies into our projects. We consider ourselves part of the open-source community, therefore we contribute to it.

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