Clearcode is a software development house that was founded by Maciej Zawadziński & Dominik Jendroszczyk in 2009. From the beginning, we’ve been designing and developing applications for the AdTech & MarTech industries. In 2014, we successfully sold 1 of our projects – Kanary NEST, a demand-side platform (DSP). We’ve are constantly expanding our knowledge in our areas of specialization and delivering not only development services to clients, but also reliable expertise and consulting in the AdTech & MarTech fields.

Apply if you’re into:
  • being part of a 100% Polish company
  • building specific and unique applications
  • cooperating with foreign clients (mainly from the US)
  • working in a permanent, close-knit team comprised of skills in backend and frontend development as well as infrastructure management
  • solving performance challenges that are common in AdTech & MarTech projects

Piwik PRO is a product company that was established in 2013 to meet the growing demand for professional support & consulting services based on the leading open-source analytics platform, Piwik. Since 2016, Piwik PRO has been a portfolio company of Clearcode. In February 2017, we received a Series A investment round of USD$2 mln. Since early 2017, we’ve been expanding our product range to deliver a full-marketing stack to our clients.

Apply if you’re into:
  • working on a product that focuses on user privacy and data security – we are known as the main alternative to Google Analytics
  • cooperating with world leaders from finance, banking, and telco institutions and governments
  • working with a team responsible for developing components of our marketing stack

No matter which crew you
choose, you can expect

A CEO who not only has a solid technical background but also strong business acumen

and is present in the media and invited to many industry events

A team which lives like a one big family

across company borders

An extraordinary atmosphere and unique vibes

that makes working in the office much better than working remotely!

Current job offers


Senior Node.js Developer

11000-14000 PLN net on a VAT invoiced B2B contract

We require advanced knowledge


Junior Project Manager

6000- 9000 PLN net on a VAT invoiced B2B contract


Content Marketing Expert Piwik PRO

5000 - 7500 PLN net (B2B)


Business Development Manager with German
Piwik PRO

8000 - 12000 PLN net (B2B) + commission


Developer / DevOps
Piwik PRO

11000 - 14000 PLN net (B2B)

We require advanced knowledge


Sales Solution Engineer
Piwik PRO

7000 - 11000 PLN net on a VAT invoiced B2B contract

Clarence is our company mascot. He’s been with us since 2012 when he first appeared on Clearcode’s website after a redesign. He is our company hero and reflects our unique atmosphere. Just to be clear – he’s a gorilla, not a monkey (all associations with monkeys and overtones need to be forgotten – over the years we’ve had to explain this difference, so we are stating it once and for all), and he owes his name to Rafał – a man who’s at the forefront of our design crew and when he brought Clarence to life, he decided to find a name that, beyond all doubt, ties our mascot to his family home.

Devoted followers may have noticed that Clarence’s appearance was refreshed a while ago, but we’re not ashamed of it. As a mature gorilla, he has became masculine and discovered his true passion – performing as characters inspired by pop culture heroes and representatives of different professions. Due to his adaptable image, very roomy closet, and support from his personal designer, every one of Clarence’s outfits is unique and perfect – right down to the smallest detail.

Surrounded by specialists and true fans, with 5 years of experience, Clarence is the face of Clearcode’s communication with the world. He’s a shining star on our website, in our ads, and on company souvenirs. Clarence is a beloved hero of our team, impatiently waiting for his final transformation into… a physical form, which we will definitely present across all our social media channels – so stay tuned!