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Building AdTech & MarTech platforms is only part of what we do – we also write about our areas of speciality, attend industry events, and celebrate our clients’ success.

Below is a list of articles that we’ve written or been featured in.

2024 Predictions: What’s Changed In AdTech And How Will It Impact Advertising This Year?
Netflix’s Build vs Rent Vs Buy Dilemma: Q&A with Piotr Banaszczyk, Clearcode
The Future of Ad Tech Lies in PrivacyEnhancing Technologies (PETs)
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APAC adtech leaders react to Meta’s potential ban from creating personalised ads
Industry Review
The Great Outdoors: the Global Growth of OOH
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Adtech leaders react to potential breakup of Google’s ad business
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Data clean rooms: The solution for brands’ identity hurdles?
Open Web v Walled Gardens: Predictions for 2023
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Programmatic audio campaigns in APAC: Where are the briefs?
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Meta fined $414 million for forcing users to accept personalised ads
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Why retail media networks have become the primary focus for brands in APAC
DOOH: advertising’s big opportunity?
The cookieless future: a new era for privacy?
ExchangeWire Industry Review 2022: Moving Away from Legacy Infrastructure
The power and limitations of universal IDs
Predictions 2022: Publishers & First-Party Data Part 1
Surviving in a Complicated Digital Media and Ad Tech Ecosystem
FLoC, ATT, and Core Web Vitals: The Opportunities for Independents
Eight Ad Tech Innovators’ Hopes and Expectations for 2021
IDFA, Anti-Competition, and the Refocusing of Ad Tech
AdTech Book: A Free Online Resource to Learn Everything About Advertising Technology
Interview with Piotr Banaszczyk, CEO, Clearcode
Influencer Marketing Platforms: Challenges and Opportunities
How the privacy narrative in display advertising has evolved
How Will Display and Native Advertising Work Without Third-Party Cookies?
Predictions 2020: Mobile & In-App
Predictions 2020: Privacy
Amazon Bid for Sizmek Countered by Ycor: No Longer The Rise of the Triopoly?
IPA Bellwether Report Q1 2019: Rising Budgets & Negative Prospects
Pinterest IPO: Prospects for Advertisers
Leveraging Lambda@Edge for AdTech: Cookie Syncing at the Edge
Why GDPR Is Good For Online Advertising, Even Ad Tech
The GDPR Will Drain the Ad Tech Cookie Pool
Broken Trust: Can Agencies Regain Credibility?
What Is The Future Of Data Privacy?
3 missteps to avoid at all costs when building a minimum viable product
How the U.N.’s new privacy move will shake up the adtech industry
How Agencies Can Win The Battle Against Ad-Tech Companies
Cut Out the Fluff & Deliver What’s Promised: Q&A with Maciej Zawadziński, CEO, Clearcode
Three Ways to Supercharge Sales With First-Party Data
As ad tech consolidates, business models shift
Software dev firm Clearcode launches security-minded DMP
Can the New Advertising Currency ‘Time-Spent’ Change Ad Tech?
Opportunities Abound For Telcos To Jump Into Ad Tech
Should Agencies Acquire or Build a Technology Stack to Remain Competitive?
Mission impossible: Brands are not taking programmatic in-house in droves
Ad tech is having a premature midlife crisis

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