3 Key Areas Ad Agencies Need to Consider Before Renting or Building a DSP

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3 Key Areas Ad Agencies Need to Consider Before Renting or Building a DSP

Published on May 11, 2015, Updated on August 12, 2021 by

It’s no secret that the rise in technology-driven processes, such as real-time bidding (RTB), has changed the landscape of the online advertising ecosystem. Advertising-technology companies have created a range of innovative technologies and complex algorithms that now make it possible for brands to bypass the advertising agency and enjoy lower costs, higher returns on investments, and more direct audience targeting than what is currently on offer from ad agencies.

This change has meant that ad agencies now need to incorporate their talents, creativity, and experience with the technology in order to remain a relevant part of the media buying & selling process.

Even though programmatic buying is already being offered by advertising agencies to their clients, the day will come when the agency will need to ask themselves the question:

Should we continue utilizing our existing technology (via renting a DSP) or is it time we took the technology in-house (invest in building a DSP)?

While there are a number of deciding factors involved, the main decision will come down to which option presents the biggest financial advantage for the agency.

In order to determine which option offers the most economical value, a number of areas need to be analyzed, such as:

  1. The agency’s media budget
  2. The ongoing costs associated with running a DSP
  3. The technical skills needed to maintain the platform

To get a comprehensive breakdown on the main financial aspects associated with renting or building a DSP, continue reading my ExchangeWire article – Should Agencies Acquire or Build a Technology Stack to Remain Competitive?

Also, check out the slides from a presentation I recently gave at the AdTech Meetup in London:

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