Data Clean Rooms Explained: Q&A with Clearcode and Aqilliz [VIDEO]

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Data Clean Rooms Explained: Q&A with Clearcode and Aqilliz [VIDEO]

Updated on March 29, 2023 by

Data clean rooms have exploded in popularity as a result of the decline in third-party cookies and mobile IDs in programmatic advertising and AdTech.

In this video interview, Michael Sweeney, Head of Marketing at Clearcode, asked Gowthaman Ragothaman, CEO of Aqilliz, a series of questions about data clean rooms.

The questions covered in the video include:

  • What is Aqilliz and what do you do?
  • What is a data clean room?
  • What’s the difference between decentralized and centralized data clean rooms?
  • Which companies can use a data clean room?
  • What are the main use cases of a data clean room? How can companies use a data clean room for insights, ad targeting, measurement and attribution?
  • How can two parties use a data clean room to match their data sets together?
  • How can data clean rooms secure user privacy and comply with privacy laws?
  • What role does a distributed ledger play in Aqilliz’s data clean room?
  • How does encryption work?
  • Is it possible to decrypt the hashed and encrypted email address?
  • How are companies using the Aqilliz data clean room and in which channels?
  • What can we expect to see in the IAB Tech Lab’s standards for data clean rooms?
  • What does AWS’ move into the data clean room space mean for vendors?

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