Clearcode Cartoon #4: AdTech's New Set of Wheels

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Clearcode Cartoon #4: AdTech’s New Set of Wheels

Updated on November 10, 2020 by ,

Third-party cookies have been the backbone of the online advertising industry since the early- to mid-2000s, powering key AdTech processes like ad targeting, attribution, frequency capping, and measurement.

But their availability on the web has been on the decline for several years because of ad blockers, the GDPR, and privacy settings in popular web browsers like Safari and Firefox.

And when Google Chrome stops supporting third-party cookies some time around 2022, AdTech companies will need to look for alternatives.

Third party cookies are losing their tread. To drive on the superhighway of the future, AdTech Companies will need to use a new set of wheels.

Many AdTech companies will replace third-party cookies with first-party cookies

Check out our blog posts to learn more about the importance and role of third-party cookies in online advertising and what their demise means for the future of advertising in web browsers:

Prepare your AdTech platforms for a world without third-party cookies

The end of third-party cookies doesn’t mean the end of AdTech, but companies will need to change how their technology works to survive a world without them.

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