Clearcode Cartoon #1: The Safari Club

Clearcode Cartoons

Clearcode Cartoon #1: The Safari Club

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If the Safari browser were a nightclub, then this is what it would look like…

The Safari Club cartoon about Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP)
Clearcode Cartoon #1: The Safari Club

The Background

In September 2017, Webkit, the open-source web browser engine that powers Apple’s Safari browser, released a new privacy feature called Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP).

Intelligent Tracking Prevention blocks third-party cookies by default and limits the lifespan of first-party cookies.

For example, first-party cookies created via JavaScript’s document.cookie will be set to expire in 7 days. This impacts a majority of MarTech platforms like web analytics tools as this is how they create cookies.

Although AdTech platforms like demand-side platforms (DSPs) and supply-side platforms (SSPs), have traditionally used third-party cookies to run online advertising campaigns, some platforms can create first-party cookies.

However, if these domains creating the first-party cookies have been classified by ITP as being a tracking domain, the referring URL contains link decoration (e.g. a query string or fragment identifiers), and is created via JavaScript’s document.cookie.

Read our post to learn more about Intelligent Tracking Prevention (TP).

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