Ad Agencies vs AdTech Companies – How Agencies Can Win the Battle

Ad Agencies vs AdTech Companies


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In the traditional advertising scene, advertising agencies flourish. They have been a key element to the success of many well-known brands, helped a number of companies improve audience targeting, and optimized marketing budgets for companies large and small, among other things.

Due to their proven methods, experience, and almost endless supply of creativity, ad agencies have long been the go-to guys for brands to handle their advertising and marketing campaigns.

For a number of years, ad agencies have been taking their skills and talents from the offline world and applying them to the online world and have been enjoying equal success.

However, the introduction and rapid growth of technology in the online display advertising ecosystem has shifted the position of power away from the ad agencies towards the very same companies who create the technology – the advertising-technology companies.

Through the use of their complex technologies and platforms, such as demand-side platforms (DSP), ad-tech companies can now offer brands and advertisers more direct audience targeting, cheaper services, and higher ROIs, just to name a few.

Consequently, many brands and advertisers are now bypassing the ad agency and heading straight to the ad-tech companies. As you can imagine, this is severely affecting the ad agency’s bottom line and threatening their existence.

So how can ad agencies compete with ad-tech companies in an industry that is becoming more programmatic and tech-heavy by the day?

To find out, continue reading my MediaPost article, How Agencies Can Win the Battle Against Ad-Tech Companies.

Click here to read the article.

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