Clearcode’s Piwik PRO Awarded Deloitte Technology Fast 50


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Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe honors technology companies with the biggest revenue-growth over the period of four consecutive years. Piwik PRO’s impressive 593% growth awarded the company 20th place in this year’s ranking. At Clearcode, we are incredibly proud of our sister company, and happy to be able to share the credit for its success.

About Deloitte Technology Fast 50

The Fast 50 Central Europe ranking is part of EMEA Fast 500 report prepared by Deloitte each year. Nominees are chosen per their financial performance. The ranking’s main category is reserved for companies:

  • Headquartered in Central Europe
  • Technology focused
  • Owning the technology on which the product is based
  • Having a specific share structure that excludes the majority of foreign strategic investors

Apart from 18 Polish startups, there were eight companies from Latvia, seven from Croatia and the Czech Republic, three from Slovakia, and two from Hungary. Lithuania, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Estonia were represented by one startup each.

Piwik PRO’s Maciej Zawadzinski and Piotr Korzeniowski receiving the award at the official Deloitte gala.

Piwik PRO and Clearcode

Clearcode and Piwik PRO share more than just an office. Piwik PRO’s success is, in fact, partly our own – the product was launched by Clearcode as a commercial platform in 2013. Initially building upon the features of the open-source version of the solution, Piwik eventually fleshed out into a completely separate, proprietary product designed to meet the needs of large enterprises and governments.

The Road to Success

When starting our work on Piwik, we quickly noticed that its many users, mainly large corporations and governments, needed specific features that were absent from the self-hosted version.

The open source product helped us to gain first clients, but we soon felt the growing need to build and develop our own platform. We followed our intuition, and decided to focus on the needs of privacy-sensitive markets. As a result, we added a number of premium features for Piwik PRO’s cloud and on-premises versions, providing our clients with advanced reporting, admin, and customization capabilities.

Today, Piwik PRO is a successful, independent business with over 100 employees, but we still share the same know-how and company culture, and take pride in its successes.

Read more about how we built Piwik PRO in a comprehensive case study.

The Award

Piwik PRO’s CEO and cofounder Maciej Zawadziński and CFO Piotr Korzeniowski, who jointly received the award in Warsaw, openly express their enthusiasm:

“These have been four years of hard work for all our team but I would not expect it to be noticed by anyone but our clients. I am very happy that our efforts towards protecting privacy stand out and are appreciated internationally” – said Zawadziński.

“Being the 20th fastest growing technology company in Central Europe means that we are doing great, but it also means that next year we can do even better. Both as a business partner for our clients and as a global web and app analytics player raising awareness and providing solutions that enable more ethical data usage” – added Korzeniowski.

The Future

It makes us extremely proud to stand at the forefront of technology in Europe and have contributed to the success of one of Deloitte laureate companies that sets standards of excellence and innovation in the industry.

The award means a lot to us, but we also know we can never rest on our laurels and carry the flame of innovation into the future.

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