Clearcode Launches 7suite: A Fully Customizable Data Management Stack


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The Clearcode team would like to officially announce the release of 7suite – a fully customizable data management stack.

7suite consists of a DMP (data management platform), tag manager, and content personalization engine, all of which can be customized to the specific needs of each client or end user.

Companies can utilize the whole stack (i.e. all 3 components), 2 components (e.g. the DMP and tag manager), or just 1 component (e.g. the DMP).

In addition, the 7suite data management stack can be hosted on a company’s infrastructure (on-premises) or in their private cloud. These flexible hosting methods make the 7suite DMP the first DMP on the market that can be self-hosted.

“For businesses today, data is as valuable as physical currency, and the ability to manage, store and use customer data in a secure and efficient way is critical to success,” said Maciej Zawadziński, CEO of Clearcode. “Based on our in-depth knowledge of the ad tech ecosystem, we created 7suite to fill the gaps in existing data management solutions with full data control, customization and pricing that allows demand-side users to scale their offerings and supply-side users to better monetize their data.”

7suite – Product Highlights

7suite was built for companies of all shapes and sizes:

  • Scalable pricing: With 7suite, you only pay for the technology and services. We don’t charge any commissions, data usage fees or per-customer account charges. Also, our pricing model is designed to scale with your business.
  • Control of the technology and data: The 7suite stack can be hosted on your own infrastructure or private cloud, allowing you to maintain complete control of the data you collect.
  • Customizable and extensible software: Every single component of the 7suite data management stack can be customized to suit your needs and integrated with your tools and systems.

7suite – The Data Management Components

Data Management: 7suite’s DMP enables users to collect all of their first-party customer data and combine it to create audience segments – which can be used to display personalized content and messages to website visitors.

Tag Management: 7suite’s tag manager enables users to set up, deploy, and manage all of their website’s tags, allowing them to send data from their website to the 7suite DMP..

Content Personalization: 7suite’s content personalization engine enables companies to display personalized content to their custom audiences, which will help them increase user engagement, boost revenues, and improve their marketing campaigns.

To learn more about 7suite, head over to the 7suite website.

If you would like to know more about how 7suite’s data management stack can enhance your business, contact the Piwik PRO team for a free consultation.

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