Clearcode’s 2017 MarTech Stackies and Hackies Awards Entries


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For the second year in a row, we entered The Stackies, a competition that takes place in the lead up to the annual MarTech conference. But this year, we also entered the newly created competition, The Hackies.

If you are unfamiliar with the 2 competitions, here’s a brief overview of their entry requirements:

The Stackies – design a 16:9 single-page slide that illustrates your company’s marketing stack.

The Hackies – write a 600 – 2,400 word essay about a clever marketing hack that your company implements.

For every entry published, $100 was donated to Girls Who Code.

Here’s a slideshare of all the 57 entries for The Stackies competition (Clearcode’s entry is on slide 24):

2017 Stackie & Hackie Awards competition at The MarTech Conference from MarTech Conference

Click here to read the list of the 21 entries for The Hackies competition.

For The Hackies competition, we wrote about our rapid prototyping, agile and MVP approach to software development. To read our entry, click here.

Unfortunately, we didn’t win either competition, but we had fun putting together our entries.

Clearcode’s Entry For The Stackies Awards Competition 2017

Our entry for The Stackies competition was put together by our marketing and was created by one of our very talented designers, Marta Trybała.

Clearcode’s 2017 Stackies entry

Included in our visual representation of our marketing stack is a product that we’ve designed and developed ourselves – Piwik PRO.

Piwik PRO provides analytics and marketing tools to help governments, corporations, and medium- to large-sized business improve their intranet systems and optimize their marketing campaigns.

For our own internal marketing activities, we use Piwik PRO Web Analytics and Piwik PRO Tag Manager, plus a number of Piwik PRO’s premium features.

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