From Design To Development - Clearcode’s New About Us Video

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From Design To Development – Clearcode’s New About Us Video

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“Here at Clearcode, we focus on 2 things – building quality software and helping our clients achieve success” Maciej Zawadziński, CEO and co-founder of Clearcode.

Our founders, Maciej Zawadziński and Dominik Jendroszczyk, started Clearcode in 2009 with the intention of helping companies achieve success by building custom platforms from start to finish.

Since then, we’ve helped startups and corporations build quality and innovative software for all different types of industries, but with a focus on the advertising and marketing industries.

So how do we build quality software and deliver successful projects to our clients?

Watch our About Us Video to find out!

Our Teams

One of our main strengths is our full-service approach and is one of the reasons why our clients choose to work with us. By providing our clients with technical resources for every stage of their software’s lifecycle, we are able to help them keep their whole project centralized, which avoids risk and speeds up development.


Our design team consists of UX/UI and graphic designers and plays a key role in defining the vision of the project. They first start with our Prototyping Phase, where they create visual design and a prototype. This phase helps define what the developers will build in the next stage – minimum viable product (MVP) development.

Developers and DevOps

Our teams are cross functional, which means they consist of various roles starting from project managers and tech leaders, to frontend and backend developers, through to DevOps and QA. This means we have all the necessary skills to develop, release, and maintain the product. We also monitor and support our client’s infrastructure to ensure the application is always available and performing correctly.

We divide the work into 2-week sprints and after each sprint we deliver new and improved features that can be demoed and reviewed with the client.

Client Success

We’ve had a number of our clients achieve great success. One of them is a startup called AddShoppers.

AddShoppers provides retailers with a social-sharing and analytics platform to help them identify their main influencers and increase their revenue through social media channels.


We started working with AddShoppers back in August 2011 and are now a multi-million dollar company. They now have over 10,000 e-commerce stores using their platform including well-known clients such as The Economist, Everlast, O’Neill, and Hanes.

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Read the AddShoppers’ case study.

Our Own Companies

Apart from our client projects, we’ve also founded a couple of our own companies.

Kanary NEST demand side platform

Kanary is a demand-side platform that helps marketers manage their online advertising campaigns.

Kanary was successfully acquired by Gravity4 in August 2014.

View the Kanary case study

piwik pro

Piwik PRO is a company that provides premium products to Piwik analytics users.

7tag open source tag manager

7tag is our most recent venture. It’s an open-source tag manager that provides marketers with an easy-to-use tool to help them better manage their tags. 7tag is the first product from 7suite, which will one day be a marketing stack consisting of several products that integrate seamlessly together.

View our project portfolio.

Clearcode’s Goals For The Future

Our goals for the future as a company are really to build upon the areas that have made us a success so far – keep building innovative and quality software and focus on making our clients a success.

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