Clearcode’s AdTech Month In Review: June 2019


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At the end of every month, we present you a curated list of the top AdTech stories in a condensed, easily digestible format.

The goal is simple: maximum knowledge at minimum reading. All you need is five minutes of spare time and a cup of good coffee.

Here’s a list of three interesting AdTech news stories for June 2019:

Demystifying App-ads.txt [IAB Tech Lab]

In its June 20 blog post, the IAB Tech Lab addresses some of the main misconceptions surrounding the app-ads.txt initiative.

Key points:

  • Ads.txt is an IAB-led initiative that’s designed to help media buyers purchase inventory only from authorized sellers by reducing certain types of ad fraud, such as domain spoofing.
  • App-ads.txt aims to do the same, but for mobile and OTT applications.
  • The process for obtaining an app-ads.txt file is slightly different than with ads.txt.
  • AdTech platforms need to match the app ID with the developer URL, and then translate, retrieve, and interpret the app-ads.txt file.
  • There are a few ways to obtain this mapping data, such as by including this data in the app store itself (Google supports this, but Apple and do not), via direct store APIs, and data licensing.

Salesforce And Adobe Dominate The DMP Space, As Oracle Continues To Slip – AdExchanger

Key points:

  • A recent survey by Advertiser Perceptions revealed that Salesforce, Adobe, and Oracle Bluekai are the most popular DMPs among marketers with annual digital ad budgets of over $1 million.
  • Marketers that took part in the survey said the Salesforce DMP was innovative, flexible, and easy to use.
  • The popularity of Adobe’s DMP has increased over the past year, mainly because many marketers use other Adobe products.
  • MediaMath, The Trade Desk, and Google’s DV360 are popular solutions for marketers wanting to use a DSP-DMP bundle.
  • There’s confusion around CDPs — many respondents said they favoured the Salesforce CDP, even before Salesforce released the beta version of their CDP.
  • There were also numerous definitions of the term CDP.
  • GDPR compliance is a low priority for marketers when choosing a DMP. The reason could be that many marketers simply expecting the popular DMPs to be compliant with many privacy and data protection laws.

‘Only enforcement will bring change’: Ad tech responds to regulator’s GDPR warning – Digiday

  • The UK’s data protection authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), has warned AdTech not to continue activities that violate the GDPR — mainly mass data sharing and the inclusion of sensitive data categories during real-time bidding (RTB) transactions.
  • The ICO states that Legitimate interest cannot be relied on for RTB and special-interest category data (e.g. ethnic origins, health and political orientation) requires explicit consent.
  • The ICO will work with the IAB and Google to help make their GDPR frameworks compliant.
  • Many people within the AdTech industry question with RTB, in its current form, has a future due the pressures being applied by organizations like the ICO, other data protection authorities, and privacy groups.

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