Adform Integration and Development: 3 Use Cases for AdTech Vendors, Agencies, and Publishers

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Adform Integration and Development: 3 Use Cases for AdTech Vendors, Agencies, and Publishers

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Founded in 2002 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Adform has grown to become a leading software vendor in the online advertising ecosystem.

Adform provides both media buyers (advertisers and agencies) and publishers with a range of platforms to help them create, run and manage media campaigns across display, video, mobile, audio, and digital out-of-home (DOOH).

Adform Integration and Development: 3 Use Cases

While Adform’s standalone products meet the needs of most media buyers and publishers, there are a lot of business advantages to be had by integrating and building on top of their open platforms.

Below are three main use cases of integrating with and building on top of Adform’s AdTech platforms.

Use Case #1: DSP and SSP Integration

No matter which side of the fence you sit on, AdTech vendors on both the buy side and sell side benefit from integrating their existing platforms with Adform:

  • DSP vendors can integrate with the Adform SSP to gain access to more inventory.
  • SSP vendors can integrate with the Adform DSP to access more demand.

For more information about the technical process behind integrating a DSP with an SSP/ad exchange, read our post.

Use Case #2: Custom Dashboards and Reports

By utilizing Adform’s APIs, agencies and advertisers can build custom campaign-management and reporting dashboards.

For example, agencies and advertisers can display their Adform campaigns, as well as campaigns from other vendors, on a unified, custom dashboard. This allows them to see the performance and make changes to their campaigns in one place, rather than having to switch between different interfaces.

Publishers can also build a custom dashboard and use Adform’s APIs to create reports based either on metadata (i.e. all available metrics and dimensions) or report data (i.e. specified dimensions and metrics), allowing them to gain better insight into how their inventory is performing.

Use Case #3: DMP

Adform’s DMP can be used by both media buyers and publishers as a central hub for their first-party, second-party and third-party data.

By streaming data from their campaigns, CRM systems, email-automation tools and from other vendors, advertisers and publishers can create audience segments and push them to the desired channel.

Advertisers, agencies and publishers can also build custom solutions on top of the Adform DMP via their API.

Need help integrating with Adform or using their APIs?

Schedule a call with one of our AdTech development teams and find out how we can help you integrate your existing platform wit Adform or build new solutions on top of their API


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