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How will the U.N.’s new privacy expert affect the ad-tech and digital analytics industries?

The ongoing fight for online privacy reached new heights recently when the United Nations announced that it will appoint a privacy expert to oversee a range of online privacy issues. The announcement, which was released on March 26, came as a result from a strong push by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff for greater user protection online.

The announcement is certain to affect a number of tech industries and will change the way companies collect, store and use data gathered from users. Two industries that are destined to be directly affected are the digital analytics and advertising technology industries, due to the large role data plays in both.

So what will this U.N. announcement mean for the digital analytics and ad-tech industries and what implications could this have on the way they operate in the future?

To find out the answer to that question, and discover more about possible future industry changes, read my VentureBeat article, How the U.N.’s new privacy move will shake up the adtech industry.

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