The Top 12 Platforms In The Online Display Advertising Landscape [infographic]

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The Top 12 Platforms In The Online Display Advertising Landscape [infographic]

Digital ad spending in the U.S. is expected to reach $60 billion this year.

At the heart of this gigantic industry is the humble ad.

While most people either ignore or block ads (or fall victim to banner blindness), few know how far the ads they see on web pages and on mobiles have travelled.

The ads first start with the advertiser (or brand) and then travel through as many as 12 different platforms and intermediaries (sometimes more!) before being displayed to the user.

The whole process resembles that of a production line.

So, to learn more about the journey ads take through the online display advertising landscape, check out the infographic below (made by yours truly – Clearcode):

Click here to view the infographic as a landscape image.

The Online Display Advertising Landscape.

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