Integrating With MediaMath: What Ad Agencies & Ad Tech Companies Can Achieve


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Founded in 2007, MediaMath has grown from a single DSP to an international provider of programmatic solutions for advertisers, agencies and publishers.

While it provides a complex array of services through its TerminalOne Marketing Operating System, the company recognizes the value of partnerships in the programmatic space – hence its openness to third-party integration and cooperation.

And this is where it gets interesting for other AdTech and MarTech companies as they build new solutions.

As the world of advertising and marketing technology gets smaller and AdTech and MarTech users look for tools that can do more for them, there is more of an emphasis on cross-platform integration.

The world of digital advertising and marketing is constantly changing and advancing at speeds that continue to accelerate.

Why Integration Is The Future

The technical platforms and applications that were new and on the cutting edge yesterday are expanding, morphing and becoming more complex today and will do so even more tomorrow.

The speed at which things move applies to the way advertisers and marketers work as well. Now, instead of rolling out a campaign over the course of several months, brands have to be able to react on the spur of the moment.

For instance, they may need to:

  • shift ad spend from one channel to another based on campaign success
  • offer a special promotion to move inventory before a deadline
  • react to or take advantage of a special event (product failure, holiday, etc.)
  • target high-value audiences as soon as they are identified

So in short – the speed of digital is affecting what users expect from their tools.

Integrating them with other tools can help in a couple of ways:

  • Push and pull data from one tool to another, make decisions and implement quickly without having to do any extra work manually.
  • Make sure tools stay abreast of advances across the whole landscape, so one isolated tool doesn’t suddenly turn into a dinosaur.

Benefits of Integrating with MediaMath

When it comes to integrating with MediaMath, there are several clear benefits:

1. Access To A Complete Ecosystem

The MediaMath OPEN program includes a Partner Marketplace through which a whole myriad of AdTech platforms can connect to the MediaMath system and the App Marketplace also provides access to a number of extra add-ons.

Being a part of a larger ecosystem of connected platforms and applications has obvious advantages for users of other solutions, whether it is:

  • an in-house data management platform (DMP)
  • a private marketplace for automated guaranteed media buying
  • a mobile ad server

Giving users this access also benefits the developers of these solutions by making them more attractive to potential clients. A new tool that fits into a larger network is obviously much more valuable than a stand-alone platform.

2. Connections To Both Sides Of The Advertiser-Publisher Relationship

On a more concrete level, integration with MediaMath puts AdTech and MarTech platforms in the advantageous position of being in touch with both sides of the equation. That’s because the TerminalOne OS facilitates the work of both advertisers (and agencies) and publishers.

Closer cooperation between the buy and sell side means:

  • more avenues to explore for monetization of first-party data (for publishers)
  • easier conversion and impression tracking (for both sides)
  • more opportunities for direct media-buys based on up-to-date data (for advertisers and agencies)
  • easier verification of data quality (for advertisers using 2nd- and 3rd-party audience segments)

3. Access To Rich Data

One newer part of the MediaMath offering is Helix – a solution for building complex audience segments and lookalike audience based on pooled data from members, including transactional data.

So by connecting their new application to MediaMath’s system, it is also possible for AdTech/MarTech vendors to provide their users with the option for access to a potentially vast wealth of data which they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Who Can Benefit From MediaMath Integration?

The advantages listed above focus mainly on the final benefits for users of solutions that are integrated with MediaMath.

These could be small or medium-sized brands, creative agencies that want tools that are versatile for many different clients, large publishers with high-traffic sites, or niche bloggers that want to monetize their audience data.

All of them are beneficiaries.

But others stand to gain too – namely, those who build or offer the AdTech and MarTech solutions themselves, including:

AdTech/MarTech vendors: who want to make their products useful to a wide range of users.

Ad Agencies: who want to enhance the quality of their technical offering to current or future clients.

Brands with in-house, custom solutions: who need to move quickly to implement custom solutions that also work with other tools such as MediaMath.

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