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Ask Us Anything About AdTech/MarTech Development

Understanding the fundamentals of online advertising and marketing technology is complex — there are numerous initialisms to learn (e.g. CPA and eCPM), various ways of buying media (e.g. RTB and programmatic direct), as well as dozens of technology platforms (demand-side platforms and customer data platforms).

Building the technology, however, is even more complex.

So if you find yourself in the position where you need to build a new AdTech/MarTech platform, expand or improve your existing solution, or simply integrate it with other tools, then you’ll no doubt have some questions that need answering.

But instead of wasting your time searching for the answer on Google, why not pose your questions to our AdTech and MarTech development teams?

Here are just some of the topics you can ask us about:

  • Designing and building AdTech and MarTech platforms from scratch — DSPs, SSPs, DMPs, CDPs, etc.
  • Integrating your existing platform with others in the ecosystem — e.g. integrating your DSP with SSPs and ad exchanges.
  • Improving the performance of your existing software by optimizing the infrastructure (e.g. Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform).
  • Building new software by utilizing existing tools, such as Beeswax, AppNexus’s Programmable Bidder, and others.
  • Incorporating new processes into your technology — e.g. cookie syncing and header bidding.

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About Clearcode

We are a full-service software development house specializing in AdTech and MarTech.

Since 2009, we’ve designed, built, and maintained custom advertising and marketing software for both clients, as well as for our own ventures, such as Piwik PRO.

With offices in the US and Europe, our teams have partnered with agencies, vendors, and brands, to build real-time bidding (RTB), programmatic, data management, and analytics platforms for their in-house teams and clients.


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