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How Prepared Are Your AdTech/MarTech Platforms for the GDPR? [Survey]

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force on May 25, 2018. The goal of the regulation is to give EU citizens and residents back control of their privacy and data.

There are a number of areas of the GDPR that will have a direct impact on the way online advertising and marketing campaigns are run and will require all companies that collect data about EU citizens and residents to make changes to the way they collect, store, manage, and use this data.

To learn more about the impact the GDPR will have on AdTech and MarTech, download our free guide.

Goal of the survey

The goal of this survey is to:

  • Understand how AdTech and MarTech companies view the legal and technological impact the GDPR will have on their business.
  • Discover how AdTech and MarTech companies are preparing their platforms for the GDPR.


As this survey is focused on software, the questions are designed for folks who work at companies that own or build advertising and marketing technology and can answer questions relating to them, such as AdTech and MarTech vendors, as well as ad agencies and publishers who have their own tech. See below for examples of the types of technology we are referring to.

To start the survey, click on the button below:

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What we will do with your responses

All of the information you provide will be confidential and represented as an aggregation in our report.

If you would like to provide a comment for the report, please contact our marketing manager via LinkedIn.

Terminology used in this survey

In this survey, when we refer to AdTech/MarTech platforms, we are referring to any piece of software or technology that is involved in online advertising and marketing campaigns. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Demand-side platforms (DSPs)
  • Supply-side platforms (SSPs)
  • Ad servers
  • Ad networks
  • Data management platforms (DMPs) and other data-related systems
  • Ad exchanges
  • Tag managers
  • Retargeting platforms
  • Marketing automation platforms
  • Email marketing tools
  • Web analytics tools
  • CRM and sales management systems

The tool we use for the survey

We are using Hotjar to collect your responses for this survey. Apart from the information you provide us, Hotjar will also display the country you are located in and the date on which you filled in the survey.

To be one of the first to get access to the final report, click here to reserve your free copy.

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