Our everyday reality

Everyday life at Clearcode is truly unique. We work in an informal, anti-corporate and fun atmosphere. Our employees work on interesting projects and are given a range of amazing perks.

Well-proven tools

Stack + Slack

The Atlassian Stack + Slack = ready for battle.


There’s a lot we can say about this topic, but the fact remains – you have to experience it to believe it.

So why don’t you drop by, have a chat with us, and see for yourself! It may sounds like we are bragging, but it’s not bragging if you can back it up – in our latest job satisfaction survey, 93% of our team said that we have a first-rate atmosphere.

flexible working hours

Here at Clearcode, you can start work between 8am and 10am

We also often have bonus days off – our bosses enjoy long weekends just as much as anyone. Working remotely is possible, but we save this privilege for special occasions.

we propose – you choose

Equipment of your choice

You are free to choose your own system and you’ll have the advantage of working from 2 flat-screen monitors.


We are Agile

We’re open-minded towards Scrum – we take what works and we use it on a daily basis.

We work in sprints and most teams organize daily stand-up, grooming, planning, review, and retrospective meetings. We keep tasks in a backlog and estimate the ones we add to the sprints. We also create action points for future sprints during our retrospective meetings. Why do we do all this? Quite simply – because it works.

Flat organizational structure

You won’t find titles here

You won’t find titles such as Junior Developer and Senior Developer written on our office doors. We have 2 Heads of Department roles (PHP & Python), Project Managers and some teams have Tech Leaders. Our teams are autonomous when it comes to organizational matters – in some teams you can find specialists from different fields, in others you’ll find full-stack devs that understand frontend, backend, and infrastructure subjects.

good word travels the company

Feedback culture

We have our original CCudo cards that contain popular words travelling around the office. We also have posters hanging up in our meeting rooms that advise our employees on how to provide feedback properly.

As we are trying to give & receive feedback constantly, once a quarter we hold meetings with Project Managers who give us comprehensive feedback and together we both think about what aspects of work we have to focus on in the upcoming months. In addition, we conduct and develop our internal feedback training sessions which constantly gather great reviews and increase in popularity.

Far away from corporate vibe

The start-up
is still in us

Despite the fact that we are growing in numbers, we try to keep a safe distance from any kind of corporate atmosphere.

To help with this, we’ve steered clear of having an open-space office and instead created separate, individual team rooms, which we’ve arranged according to the needs and desires of the teams. In some rooms you’ll find a PS4, in others you’ll come across walls decorated with art and team manifestos. And if you go away on holidays, don’t be surprised to come back and find your desk in a different state than when you left it – but don’t worry, it’s just a “welcome back” tradition that we have here, nothing bad.

In this industry it’s not common to stand still

Space for self-development

We focus on creating conditions for knowledge sharing, both internally – through workshops, training sessions, and numerous initiatives – and in the IT community by engaging in open-source projects and local meet-ups, as well as presenting guest lectures at universities. But most importantly, we are always open to new ideas and gladly support their implementation!

Openness & changes

Our management team asks questions, listens, draws conclusions, and acts

Once a quarter, during our company event (The Clearcode Keynote), we conduct an AMA session where you can direct your questions to the person or people of your choice. Once a year we also conduct a team satisfaction survey and the results are compiled into a detailed report that is sent to everyone. We draw conclusions from the answers and put steps in place to act on them. Some of our more recent examples of this have been the creation of our chillroom and the introduction of private health care for employees.

Pleasures aka bonuses

What do we have for you? A whole bunch of goodies!

Company library

Our internal library has books for PHP & Python devs, designers, admins, committed Scrum followers, and those new to management – there is something here for everyone.

Beer & Bacon

This is a Clearcode meetup organised once a quarter consisting of lectures, workshops, and lightning talks. B&B is a chance for you to become a star in just 15 minutes. The topic is completely up to you :)

Team budgets for trainings & conferences

You can find us at PyCon, phpCE, Front-Trends and many other events. What’s the point of staying in one place when you can move forward?! :)


Our specialized subject groups (tech/business) are available for everyone as a way to share knowledge. Join, lead, or create your own group!

Fruit Wednesdays… & #CraftBeerFridays

and besides all that, you’ll regularly find sweets, cakes, donuts, croissants and all kinds of unhealthy goodies in our kitchens :)

Pet Project

Projects that can be worked on during work hours to help you change things up :) You can think of your own project, join ones created by our colleagues, or contribute to external open-source projects. Time allowance: 1 hour per day (accumulation).

Quarterly team building budgets

Health care

We have a package from Enel-Med, which is available in almost every part of Poland.

Lunch card

(Sodexo LunchPass) – once a month we add 80zł to your lunch card – it isn’t a monthly supply of food, but it should be enough for a few lunches :)

Internal trainings

Technical, business, and soft skills. All training sessions are conducted with full commitment by our colleagues and are very well received by their participants.

Company parties and integration trips

MyBenefit card

a well-known and much-loved asset for those into active lifestyle and personal development.

Chill Room

with a hammock and the intensively utilized ‘Rock Band’ on PS :)

Company flat in Wrocław

Helping employees relocate & proving a safe place to stay for our colleagues from Katowice when they drop by to visit us.

English classes

Once a week in the office, David (our colleague from the US) conducts English lessons for our 2 groups. And even though David has been living in Wrocław for 2 years, he hasn’t forgotten his native language – thankfully.