#1 We are valued for incredible
atmosphere and work conditions

No-stress first day at work

Friendly onboarding, introductory tour of the office and a package of company gadgets waiting on your desk.

A great atmosphere

Confirmed by 96% of our team in
a recent satisfaction survey!

Unforgettable company get-togethers and retreats

Weekend trips in the summer and Christmas Parties with many highlights!

People with
amazing hobbies

Some of our staff are talented beyond words – you just need to see it with your own eyes!

#2 Flexibility is our second name!

Remote work

We know how to make it work – specific rules vary from team to team!

Flexible working hours

We start work between 7.30 and 10.30. If needed, you can also leave work early to catch a bus or take care of personal matters.

Agile spirit

Working with Agile in mind and taking from Scrum what works best in our case.

#3 We care about development

Lots of rankandfile initiatives

Internal meetups called Beer & Bacon, special groups “Ferajny” connecting people with the same interests, and trainings to improve our daily work (eg. feedback training).

Company library

Books and e-books bought accordingly to the needs and suggestions of team members.

Always close to the community

We support our people enjoying spotlight at industry conferences, cooperate with Coding Dojo Silesia and hold our own meetup IT Depends in Katowice.

Team budgets for conferences

We participate, among others, in Boiling Frogs, PHP CE and 4developers, and provide our teams with premium access to e-learning services like Udemy or egghead.

#4 We truly believe that every
opinion deserves to be heard

Space for asking questions

We organize quarterly company meetings aka Keynotes with AMA sessions engaging the board and managers.

Feedback is our lifeblood

On a daily basis and during regular one-on-ones, we hold feedback training and distribute our beautiful, branded Kudo cards to help people share good words.

Satisfaction survey

We listen to the team’s needs and bring selected ideas to life (that’s actually how our chillout room and private health care came about).

The team has a voice!

We empower our teams – both in terms of technical decisions and ways to spend team building budgets or common space decor.

Sounds convincing?

Apply today and join our team!