It always starts with your CV


HR review

  • We take a look at every application, and focus on finding a bridge between your skills and our expectations.
  • If you’re not exactly the best fit for a given position, we will still get in touch with you if we’ve got a more fitting role for you, and make an offer you can’t refuse ;).

Team assessment

  • Chosen applications are now reviewed by the recruitment team including (usually) a team manager and specialists in a particular field.
  • We take into consideration your skills, experiences and team fit.

So, we’re positive about you – get ready for:



  • We meet face to face in our office or connect remotely.
  • There are several people on our end: HR, PM and a member of your team-to-be.
  • The meeting lasts approx. 60-90 minutes.

Additional stage

Recruitment task*

  • You can solve it at your convenience from home.
  • We expect your solution within a few days (usually a week).

* We like it flexible – it may come before or after an interview.

Sometimes it’s still not enough –
which is when we implement additional stages:

Additional stage

Portfolio/code samples analysis

Depending on the position you’re applying for, you may be asked for:

  • code samples (eg. a link to your GitHub profile)
  • content samples
  • design portfolio (eg. a link to your Behance profile)

Additional stage

English verification call

  • Dedicated to people who will be working closely with our customers – a not-so-formal conversation with our colleague, an American native speaker
  • Book 15-30 minutes in your calendar!

Additional stage

Initial call

  • A stage used only for particular positions (e.g. Project Manager)
  • Introducing remote conversation, which lasts approx. 45 minutes.
  • If it feels just right – we move forward.

During our recruitment process, you can always count on:

  • Informal communication (we quickly switch to first-name terms)
  • Information whether you were selected for the recruitment process.
  • Casual atmosphere (you don’t need to sport a suit, that Star Wars shirt will be fine as well!).
  • Solid feedback after each and every stage of the recruitment process.

Any questions?

Get in touch with us!