HR evaluation

We will respond to your application within 2 weeks, and if you are successful, we will invite you to participate in the recruitment process.

Recruitment task

We usually ask candidates to complete a task, which is sometimes given at the very beginning and sometimes at the end of the recruitment process. You can complete the task at home, as long as it’s completed within the required timeframe, which is usually about 1 week.

PM evaluation

The whole team is involved in selecting new team members, but ultimately, the Project Manager chooses the person who is the best fit for the position and team.

Job interview

We conduct interviews in our offices in Wrocław & Katowice or on Skype if you live outside of these cities. During the interview, which can take anywhere from 1 – 2 hours depending on the position and PM’s agenda, you will be asked technical questions relating to the job offer and its respective technological field.

Work samples

We may ask you for code samples (a link to your Github account is warmly accepted) or, if you are applying for a content-related position – then we would like to see some examples of your written work. We guarantee 100% that we will of attention from our best people that will eagerly familiarize with your works.

English verification call

David – our ace up our sleeve. David comes from the USA and is very talkative. This is a bonus stage for those who will have contact with clients, which we conduct remotely (Hangouts/Skype). The call takes about 15 to 30 minutes and is always very pleasant.

Surprise stage

Surprises stay a mystery till a certain time. These surprises are only for certain positions and are only added to the recruitment process if needed.