Real-life experience

If you are looking to just cross off your compulsory university internship, then please keep looking. We are only interested in people who really want to gain first-hand experience and develop their skills.

What should you know about an internship at Clearcode?

We take the internships at Clearcode very seriously and we expect the same in return. We are not only looking for talented and passionate people to fill our internship positions, but for ones that will become future Clearcode team members. Each potential new intern will take part in our standard recruitment process and during this time we will assess your potential and verify your skills.

Let’s talk

After we have analysed your CV, we will invite you for an interview where you will meet the Project Manager of the team. You may be asked to complete a small task based on a snippet of code that will be shown to you. Depending on the position, your previous experiences and the Project Manager’s preferences, you may also be asked to solve a more complicated programming task or present us with some of your code. The order of this process, as it is with us, is not subject to rigid regulations. If you’re successful, we will carefully evaluate your skills and preferences and match you with one of the available positions.

Show me the money!

We will reward your hard work with a 1800 zl paycheck each month. In the beginning, we will offer you a 3 month Work Contract (Umowa Zlecenie).

Come for the experience, stay for a career

The internship lasts from 1 – 3 months, but that doesn’t mean our cooperation and journey end there. If you have proven that you have the right attitude and skill sets, you may be given the opportunity to continue working as part of the Clearcode team as a full team member. If you are a student, we can offer you part-time work. We would be more than happy to discuss this possibility, as long as you can commit to a minimum of 30 working hours per week (the amount of hours per day and starting/finishing times are flexible).

Current internship offers


Sales Intern

15 PLN gross/h

Tips & Tricks

Below you can find some tips and useful information from our people and team leaders as they reveal what they are looking for in potential interns.

How can you gain experience before practice?

The best way is to participate in the development of open-source software. This provides many advantages for both you – you’ll have the opportunity to embrace the knowledge from top class teachers who will let you know when you have made a mistake and will advise you on how to do something better – and for the community – thanks to your contribution, the community will be able to grow substantially. Another way to gain experience is to try using Linux – don’t be afraid of this system. We also work with Symfony 2, so if you would like to join us, try writing a simple design in the style of QA, a forum or a blog with the help of this framework.

Where to look for knowledge?

A good source of knowledge at the beginning is the Internet and in particular When you feel that the Internet is no longer enough, reach for the books! To help get you started, we can recommend the following sources:

What can Clearcode teach you?

We will help you develop the ability to look at the project as a whole, from the overall design to the implementation of complete application architecture. You will have the chance to encounter unusual problems that often come up in software development and use a wide range of solutions. We will give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of patterns, best practices, tools and approaches to problems, programming languages, and frameworks. You will learn the best workflows, how to collaborate in a group environment, and advanced work with Symfony 2.

What kind of competencies are we looking for?

We are looking for programmers who have a passion for developing software and get a real kick out of writing quality code and solving problems. We also need people who are not afraid of growth, change, experiencing new things and are able to play around with code, integrate it with code written by others and exchange knowledge.

Want some specifics?

  • The ability to question
  • Creativity
  • Punctuality
  • Laziness (not couch potato lazy, but someone who embraces simplicity, has automation skills and can resist the urge to reinvent the wheel.)
  • A decent level of English (because a developer without English doesn’t exist)

Piotr Banaszczyk

Head of PHP