June 7, 2022 by

In the age of ad fraud, an increasing amount of advertisers’ money is wasted on ad impressions that appear on fraudulent sites, don’t reach the desired audiences, or are not properly displayed in the user’s browser. These issues effectively decrease the advertisers’ return on investment, and because an increasing number of ads are being displayed […]

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What is Ad Verification and How Does It Work?

February 7, 2022 by

The issue of transparency in digital advertising is a complicated topic. On one hand, various players along the supply chain each have a specific role to play and a business to run, therefore fees and charges need to be applied. On the other hand, brands and advertisers have a right to know how much of […]

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Transparency in Ad Tech: The Problems, Fallouts, and Solutions

November 10, 2020 by

The online display-advertising industry has been completely revolutionized in recent years. At the heart of this revolution lies technology, and in particular, the introduction and rise of programmatic media buying. But it hasn’t been without shortcomings. Ad fraud is taking an estimated $6.5 billion from advertisers each year, privacy and brand safety are ongoing concerns, […]

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Why a Lack of Transparency is Killing the Potential of Programmatic Buying