Piwik PRO

Powerful, privacy-compliant web analytics for enterprises and governments

The story

Every great product exists for a reason.

The reason for Piwik PRO is two-fold:

First of all, data is important.

Trying to operate in today’s digital world with clear insights is like flying blind in a hurricane – a recipe for disaster. This is especially true for large enterprises, government entities and nonprofit organizations. The volume of data they generate requires a an easy-to-use tool that matches their needs. In 2013 we created Piwik PRO, an advanced solution designed to meet those needs by offering premium functionalities, enterprise-level support and training on top of the great features of Piwik analytics.

The second reason is tied to the first.

We feel that part of offering a powerful, enterprise-level data analytics platform is giving users complete control over their data. For organizations who need to manipulate their data in diverse ways or have a special interest in keeping it safe and secure (as in the case of governments), Piwik PRO On-Premises is the ideal solution.

The difference

What makes Piwik PRO stand out? Many things.

Here are just a few:

User-centric reporting

With Piwik PRO you can set up individual user reports based on a wide range of variables.

No limits

Piwik PRO does not limit goals, hits or user accounts per login.

No sampled data

Unlike other analytics tools, Piwik PRO does not rely on data sampling in your reports.

Intranet analytics

Dynamic insights not only for front-facing sites, but also for internal systems thanks to Piwik PRO intranet analytics.

Log analytics

Piwik PRO allows administrators to track and analyze system data including logins and changes – especially useful for banking and healthcare institutions.


Converge data from across a vast range of websites and create aggregated reports that present data clearly and succinctly.

Piwik PRO vs. Google Analytics

Google Analytics benefits from instant name recognition, but is it really the ideal tool for enterprise web analytics?

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Product Overview

100% data control & privacy compliance

Piwik PRO complies with all major data privacy regulations, including the EU Privacy Shield legislation and does not require cookie consent from visitors. Because Piwik PRO puts you in control of all your data – whether you host Piwik PRO on your own infrastructure with On-Premises or on our secure servers with Piwik PRO Cloud, you can keep track of it at all times for easy access and control.

Premium functionalities

For enterprises and organizations who need advanced options for their web analytics, Piwik PRO offers a range of premium functionalities including: AdWords integration, A/B testing with Optimizely, White-labeling, SharePoint and Funnel analytics. This comes on top of a range of other easy-to-use features designed to empower enterprise-level web analytics.

Enterprise-level support

Behind the Piwik PRO platform is a passionate team of expert support technicians ready to support your organization every step of the way. Our engineers and project managers provide 24/7 monitoring, advanced-level training, optimization recommendations and any other help you may need to get the most out of your Piwik PRO analytics.

A dynamic look at Piwik PRO

Get a step-by-step walkthrough of Piwik PRO and its features.

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