We specialize in building custom analytics and enterprise-grade SaaS platforms for the advertising and marketing industries.

Clearcode was founded in 2009 by Maciej Zawadziński and Dominik Jendroszczyk – business partners and entrepreneurs who have been doing business in the Internet industry since 2003.

They started Clearcode with 1 goal in mind – combine their previously gained skills and knowledge of online advertising and analytics and build quality software for clients and deliver successful projects.

Clients choose us because of our:

  • Commitment to Agile Development methods, delivering features faster with fewer bugs
  • Holistic approach to product development, from design to delivery, including maintenance
  • Passion for technology and innovation, based on our experience of launching 3 successful companies
  • 7+ years experience developing advertising and marketing software

It’s these qualities that make us not just a software development company, but a trusted technology partner.


Our team consists of over 100 highly skilled technology enthusiasts


We’ve developed over 100 successful projects


Our company has grown over 1,500% in 5 years


More than 60% of our new business comes from client referrals


We’ve started three successful companies of our own


The startups we’ve worked with have raised over $42m in funding & investment rounds


You’ve probably seen examples of our work in major media publications.

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Building software for the advertising and marketing industries requires specialized skills, industry experience, and inside knowledge – our team has all 3.



We have drawn on our skills, experience and expertise and started a couple successful startup ventures of our own.

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Our team of 100+ software enthusiasts are managed by bright, passionate technical leaders and entrepreneurs.

Maciej Zawadziński

Chief Executive Officer

Maciej is Clearcode's co-founder. He is a skilled technical leader and a savvy entrepreneur. Since 2003, he has held the position of CEO of 4 successful startups.

Dominik Jendroszczyk

Chief Operating Officer

Dominik is the
co-founder of Clearcode and has been in the Internet business since 2003. He is an entrepreneur and leader and has been the co-founder and CFO of 4 successful startups.

Piotr Korzeniowski

Chief Financial Officer

Piotr holds a M.S. degree in Econometrics and Computer Science. He has worked for large financial and IT companies including HP and KPMG.


VP of Growth

Leo’s focus is on developing and executing marketing and sales strategies, mainly for the North American market. It is the process that most fascinates Leo, not the significance of the end product.

Grzegorz Jendroszczyk

Key Account Manager

Grzegorz is a passionate fan of technology. His approachable and problem-solving attitude makes him the ideal point of contact for both new and longstanding clients.

Piotr Banaszczyk

Project Manager

Piotr’s a logically minded PHP project manager with an extensive history in developing scalable and state-of-the-art solutions in the online advertising and analytics industries.

Jarek Miazga

Project Manager

Jarek is an agile enthusiast and holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. A Python developer by trade, he leads his team in developing simple, yet effective solutions via pragmatic and agile development.

Rafał Lemieszewski

Head of Design Team

A veteran of design, Rafał guides his team to produce minimalistic and visually interactive designs that optimize the user experience and evoke positive emotions.

Grzegorz Łukaszewicz

Project Manager

A qualified Scrum Master with experience in PHP and computer graphics, Grzegorz and his team frequently experiment with new technologies to rapidly deliver innovative solutions.

Jakub Bomba

Project Manager

Jakub is a highly experienced leader with a strong background in developing scalable web analytics solutions and holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

Piotr Szostak

Project Manager

Piotr is a seasoned project manager and holds a Master’s Degree in Managerial Economics. His experience in UCD/UX design and people management enables him to lead his team to produce quality results.

Grzegorz Śliwiński

Project Manager

With a Master's Degree in Computer Science and experience as a PHP and Python developer, Grzegorz leads his team to deliver simple, yet powerful software.


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