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3 Missteps To Avoid At All Costs When Building A Minimum Viable Product

2016-04-22 08:13:44 by Maciej Zawadziński

So… your brilliant idea for a web or mobile application is going to completely change the way consumers or businesses [fill in the blank]. Great! But the days of investors cutting checks for ideas with zero validation are a fading memory.

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Clearcode’s 2016 Stackies Awards Entry

April 26, 2016 by

Clearcode recently entered’s second annual Stackies Awards.

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Clearcode Team Beer & Bacon Meetup

April 25, 2016 by

In keeping with company tradition, the Clearcode team got together recently for another edition of its Beer & Bacon Meetup.

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Complex Relationships in Digital Advertising

April 14, 2016 by

The digital-advertising ecosystem has gotten quite complex, but if you have the distinct impression that it is getting too complicated to handle, just remember: it’s all about relationships.

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Boosting Data Privacy With Better Private Clouds

April 11, 2016 by

Serious business generates serious data. Everyone knows this, which makes how to manage and keep that data secure one of the burning questions for me and other CEOs everywhere.

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Real-Time Bidding & Programmatic:
One and the Same?

April 7, 2016 by

Advertising technology seems to have a language all its own. Pay-per-click, demand-side platform (DSP), ad exchange — the list goes on and on.

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Innovation Drives MarTech Growth

April 1, 2016 by

Another year has come and gone and the 2016 edition of Scott Brinker’s now famous MarTech infographic is bigger than ever. Would we expect anything different? Each passing year brings a host of new players to the field with solutions powered by new innovations This year is no exception. In this third part of our […]

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5 Tools to Boost
E-commerce Revenue with Customer Engagement

March 17, 2016 by

Ever wonder if you’re really getting the most out of your e-commerce site?
If you have the sinking suspicion that you aren’t, you’re probably right.

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What is First-Party Data Onboarding and How Does it Work?

March 10, 2016 by

At the heart of every marketing and advertising campaign is data, and in the online world, there are truckloads of it, with even more set to arrive in the coming years thanks to the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Marketing Automation:
More Popular Than Ever?

March 8, 2016 by

John Wannamaker would have liked marketing automation.
Loved it, in fact.

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