Web and Mobile Advertising Technology

Handy PHP debuging snippet

April 11, 2014 by Michał Gaździk

From time to time, developers receive warnings or notice level errors. In the case where the warning is located outside of any loop or other nested structure, it’s easy to debug using ex. xdebug or any other tool like this. Things get a little harder when it comes to the loop execution of functions that […]

Symfony – project tamed

March 27, 2014 by Paweł Barański

When managing projects based on Symfony2, from the technical side, it is a good idea to establish a set of rules for the project. If you haven’t established and implemented such rules yet, then they should be created as soon as possible. Why? Well, no matter how many people are working on the project, the […]

The language of tomorrow

March 26, 2014 by Michael Sweeney

Over the past 20 years or so, we have seen massive improvements in all areas of the computer industry. One of the most noticeable areas is the computer network, more specifically, the internet. The internet is now well and truly an invaluable part of modern society. We communicate through it, we learn through it, share […]

RTB online advertising fraud

March 11, 2014 by Maciej Zawadziński

Online advertising is a growing, multi-billion-dollar market (according to ZenithOptimedia, advertisers’ ad expenditure reached $503 billion in 2013). This amount of spending tempts criminals and hackers into creating technology and finding techniques to steal money from the advertisers. The phenomenon of ad fraud existed from the beginning of online advertising, but in recent years it […]

AudiencePi – Data Aggregator

March 5, 2014 by Dominik Jendroszczyk

It is with great pleasure that we announce that we have added another successfully completed project to our portfolio: AudiencePi. AudiencePi is a data aggregator that provides quality data to clients by carefully implementing strict rules that allow quality data to be collected and therefore quality data to be analysed and used. We worked closely […]

Why should you use Piwik?

March 4, 2014 by Michael Sweeney

If you are an individual, a small business, a large enterprise or a government agency and if you have a website, you can really benefit from Piwik. Piwik is a free (GPL licensed) downloadable analytics software platform that provides you with valuable information that will help you better understand your website, which in turn will […]

Why fixed bid does not work in software development

February 3, 2014 by Maciej Zawadziński

I have been in the IT industry for over 10 years now. I first started with freelance work and small development projects, then moved on to project management and then on to founding and leading my own software development company (Clearcode). During this time I have had the chance to work directly on more than […]

Alternatives to cookie tracking

April 26, 2013 by Maciej Zawadziński

Cookies are a fundamental mechanism used in advertising industry for ad personalisation and behavioural targeting, re-targeting, frequency capping and much more (see my earlier post about how cookies are used in today’s internet). Nowadays, majority of ad technology providers that are disrupting* advertising industry are still relying on cookies to a great extent. With recent bad publicity around cookies, new […]

Viewable impression tracking and pitfalls.

April 22, 2013 by Maciej Zawadziński

Recently, online advertising seems inevitably moving towards ‘viewable’ impression model. A model, in which advertiser theoretically shall pay only for advertisements that were actually displayed to a user. In this post I am going to explore a few technical aspects of tracking viewable impressions and explain why this model may not solve problems which lie […]

Ad serving insights: Ad invocation codes and placement tags.

February 17, 2013 by Maciej Zawadziński

Ad invocation codes (called also placement tags or ad codes) are a bit different from web trackers covered in an earlier post. Their main task is to load a creative (an ad) into the placement on a website or in an app. Additionally they usually are responsible for cookie management, impression tracking, ad rotation, visibility tracking and other tasks.