A fully customizable data management stack

The story

For modern marketers and advertisers – and indeed businesses in general – dealing with data has become a major challenge. The digital space is full of it and more and more data is being produced right at this very moment.

Getting a handle on it all is the key to success for businesses today.

We recognized this a long time ago – as did many others. But we also know that every company is different and has different data needs. And while businesses recognize the burning need for a data management solution, they don’t always have the resources to build one from scratch, nor are they ready to shell out big bucks for an “out-of-the-box” solution that may not meet their needs.

This is why we decided to offer 7suite – a fully customizable data management stack.

7suite stands out as the only privacy-friendly data management platform that can be modified to match clients’ individual needs.

Product overview

The core of the 7suite data management stack is comprised of three main elements.

Data collection

A dynamic layer for gathering data from a variety of sources including tags, mobile & desktop trackers and 3rd-party platforms (CRM etc.)

Data analysis & segmentation

The heart of the 7suite stack, with elements for data normalization and enrichment and categorization to prepare data for activation.

Data activation

Using a combination of cookie-syncing with 3rd-party platforms, low-latency API endpoints and audience exporting, rich data segments become actionable.

The difference

What sets 7suite apart from other solutions is its flexibility. Depending on your individual needs, the 7suite team can modify, expand or integrate any or all of the 7suite core components based on your specifications.

Why is this important? For two reasons:


Paying for unused features is a waste of money and implementing a custom-designed system that is integrated specifically with existing tools takes much less time and effort.


Building a data management solution from zero is expensive – utilizing 7suite’s core technology makes development go faster and reduces costs.

Using 7suite, businesses – including AdTech/MarTech companies – can drastically reduce their time to benefit.

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