Our companies

We have drawn on our skills, experience and
expertise and started a couple successful
startup ventures of our own.

Piwik PRO provides cloud hosting and enterprise solutions to the users of Piwik - the leading open-source web analytics platform. Piwik PRO was founded by Clearcode and Piwik’s creator and founder, Matthieu Aubry, to deal with the growing demand for hosting solutions and enterprise services for the Piwik platform. Prior to Piwik PRO, Clearcode was the official Technology Partner of Piwik and provided customized solutions to enterprise clients.


Clearcode started Kanary with Alex Wheldon, a marketing and advertising entrepreneur, with the aim of providing marketers with an easy way to buy display advertising online by using programming buying (RTB technology) with fully transparent reporting of media spent and conversions as well as media buying commissions.

Kanary NEST was successfully acquired by Gravity4 in August 2014

7suite is a fully customizable data management stack consisting of a data management platform (DMP), tag manager, and content personalization engine. 7suite is built for Ad Tech & MarTech companies, ad agencies, publishers, and app developers that want to add data management functionalities to their core technology or provide a completely white-labeled solution to their clients. The entire stack can be hosted on a company's infrastructure (on-premises) or in their private cloud - making the 7suite DMP the first on-premises DMP on the market.



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