Are you running an advertising technology company or planning to found one? Maybe you have your own tech startup, software company or other SME business? Or are you just an enthusiast of technology and entrepreneurship?  In any of these cases you should find something interesting for you on my blog!

I am CEO at Clearcode (software development/mobile advertising company) as well as core team member at (open source web analytics).

There are two main areas that I would like to share on this blog:

  • running software development business (which in many ways is very similar to running every technology company), and
  • advertising technologies (ad serving, analytics, targeting, web tracking, RTB & and many more!).

Software House Business

We are building a great software development company, in the centre of Europe (Wrocław, also known as Breslau in German). We created an exceptional atmosphere & have been growing steadily attracting great talent since 2009.

Running our business, in most cases, is not too distant or different from running any technological company. It’s first about the team, the hard work and determination in which we work to make sure our clients are satisfied. Also, it’s about software product development, sales & other aspects that majority of technological companies face every day.

On the blog, I will share my experience with day-to-day managing company and how we grew into 50+ engineers software house with as many non-technical as technical aspects (at last, it’s technology business) – beginning with project management and development process related, through sales, marketing & staff related up to client related aspects.

Advertising Technologies

My background is not only technical, but also comes from advertising industry (more about it soon!) – in short I am in the industry since 2007 when I used to run an advertising network. I am also a core team member at open source web analytics project (Piwik) as well as at Clearcode we particularly focus on developing various ad technologies for our clients .

Adding the fact, that Clearcode recently founded and invested into an ad technology startup that will offer new programmatic buying solution for RTB exchanges (more about it soon!), gives me a very good insight into & knowledge of advertising technology market.

On the blog, I will be explaining advertising ecosystem, new emerging ad technologies as well as analysing trends, sharing my personal thoughts, predictions, opinions on what is happening in the industry.

Beware, this is my first blog post!

I was hesitating to start writing this blog for more over a year (and if we count some first tries, maybe even longer!).

Will I be a systematic blogger? Or a blogger at all? I don’t think so, but still you should be able to find here a couple interesting articles, that are result of my experience, interesting finds as well as everyday problems I deal with.

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