Piwik PRO Tag Manager

Enterprise-level tag management that meets the strictest privacy requirements

The story

Tags – the snippets of code that marketers, advertisers and data analysts use to gather online data – are everywhere.

As the digital space expands, loaded with more and more sites and advertisements and with more and more actions taking place online, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of everything that is going on – much less keep tabs on all the tags that are being used.

For this reason, utilizing a tag management system has become imperative. It allows marketing teams to work independently of IT staff, reduces costs and makes businesses more agile and responsive to immediate trends and needs.

Our extensive experience in building AdTech and Martech solutions helped us understand the need – not only for an easy-to-use tag management system to empower busy marketers – but also for an on-premises solution that could complement the privacy features of Piwik PRO analytics and support those institutions who need complete control of all their online data.

Using Piwik PRO Tag Manager requires little or no technical expertise – perfect for busy marketers.

The difference

For enterprises, organizations and governments who value data privacy and security above all else, Piwik PRO Tag Manager offers the distinct advantage of integrating seamlessly with Piwik PRO analytics – providing full control over all online data from collection to analysis. Because it is a self-hosted application, Piwik PRO Tag Manager

Besides its advanced data security features, Piwik PRO Tag Manager comes with several other distinctive features:


…for complete integration with existing tools using company logo/color scheme


…for easier access to both Piwik PRO analytics and tag management

Mobile debug mode

…for testing and fixing broken tags on the fly

Synchronous tags

… to eliminate Flash-of-Original-Content (FOOC) during A/B testing

With Piwik PRO Tag Manager, data-sensitive industries & organizations can extend their control to the data collection process.

Piwik PRO vs. Google Analytics

Google Analytics benefits from instant name recognition, but is it really the ideal tool for enterprise web analytics?

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Product highlights

Vast array of built-in tag & trigger templates

For versatile marketing that requires speed, Piwik PRO Tag Manager comes with a wide range of built-in tag and trigger templates for just about everything – Optimizely, ClickTale, CrazyEgg, Google Analytics, Facebook retargeting, Qualaroo and of course, Piwik-specific analytics tags.

Tag-level privacy compliance

Piwik PRO Tag Manager is designed with privacy compliance in mind. It allows users to make each and every tag -even 3rd-party ones – privacy-compliant with an Opt-out/Do Not Track option.

Custom HTML tags

Besides a huge selection of built-in tag templates, Piwik PRO Tag Manager allows users to serve custom content, set tag firing sequences and much more with custom HTML tags.

Discover Piwik PRO Tag Manager

See how we are empowering marketers with efficient tag management

Check out Piwik PRO Tag Manager

The Piwik PRO Tag Manager dashboard gives a clear overview of all tags – active and inactive.

Choose from a wide range of built-in tag templates for quick and easy implementation.

Easily verify that all tags are firing properly using the Piwik PRO Tag Manager Debug Mode.


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