When did you start working with us?
According to LinkedIn in November 2014.

What was your first position at Clearcode?

What is your current position at Clearcode?
Tech Leader – loosely translated a programmer with extra responsibilities.

Your history at Clearcode is quite unusual, because you had a short break in cooperation with us. How did it happen and why did you decide to come back?
At one time Banan (Piotr Banaszczyk) contacted me with an offer for the tech lead position in a newly formed team at Clearcode. It coincided with the fact I was thinking of changing my job. I have good memories working at Clearcode, so I decided to give myself a chance and come back to the company.

In your team you are responsible for the technical side of projects. What challenges do you face in daily work?
My work is about consciously compromising between clients’ requirements, Project Manager goals, and the team’s potential and self-development. Bearing in mind, at the same time, delivering product within estimated time and reasonable quality. Additionally, I take care of preparing technical requirements, architectural design and, finally, the realisation of the project – that is programming.

You received an offer for manager role – you could take under your wings one of the team at Clearcode, but you refused. Why?
I refused to take the offer, but I took the team “under my wings”. My personal developmental purpose is to design and implement systems for data processing. I didn’t want to change my path and start learning nearly from scratch. If there is a chance for analogous promotion, but one that is directly connected with technical development of company, I will certainly consider it.

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