When did you start working with us?

What was your first position at Clearcode?
QA Intern.

What is your current position at Clearcode?
Tester QA.

You started your cooperation with Clearcode from an internship during studies. Now, in hindsight, what do you think the internship gave you? Is it a good way to start cooperation for longer?
They don’t teach you much about testing at university, although it is such an important part of the application development process. The internship helped me to understand the responsibilities of the Quality Assurance department. It turned out that manual app testing and writing automated tests are only some of the responsibilities which help ensure the highest quality of software. Good tester doesn’t focus just on a small section, but looks at the app from a broader perspective. In hindsight, I’m very glad that I applied for the internship – it helped me to find my place in the IT industry.

After finishing the internship you got a job offer, but you had to go back to university as well – how did you manage to combine these two things?
First it wasn’t easy, but an understanding Project Manager and a bit of luck during picking my classes allowed me to work part time. Combining job and study has its good sides. It gave me an opportunity to consult my colleagues and discuss some tough student assignments over coffee in the office.

What was the most challenging task you’ve had at work?
It is hard to pick just one specific task. I participate and have an influence on the whole software development process, starting from planning, manual and automatic testing, to leading a retrospection. Every day brings some new, surprising events. That’s why I like my job.

Do you have a possibility to develop your other passions during working at Clearcode? What are your interests?
I have always been interested in psychology and interpersonal relations. When choosing a job in the IT industry, I didn’t expect that it would allow me to improve my soft skills. It turned out my role in the team is scrum master. On top of that, after work I cocreate feedback and professional burn-out workshops at our company.

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