When did you start working here?
March 2014

What was your first position at Clearcode/Piwik PRO?
Copywriter & Content Marketer

What is your current position?
Head of Marketing at Clearcode

How did you end up working at Clearcode in Wrocław?
I was working as an English teacher in Wrocław and was contacted by Marta from HR, who asked whether I would be interested in applying for the newly created Copywriter position at Clearcode. I was immediately interested in the position as I had previous worked in sales (copywriters are known as “salesmen behind a keyboard”) and Clearcode looked like a very interesting company to work for. I completed a pre-interview task (writing a blog post) and then attended an interview. I was then offered the position and happily accepted.

What do you appreciate most in our company?
There are a lot of things I appreciate at Clearcode. The thing I value most would probably be the atmosphere. It’s so refreshing to work at a place that doesn’t contain any of the office politics or micromanagement that is often found in large corporations. The atmosphere at Clearcode is really informal, which I believe allows everyone to produce better results and enjoy their work. I also value the people I work with, and I’m not just talking about people within my team, but everyone in the company. Everyone is really passionate about what they do, friendly, and always willing to help you out.

Now you’re back in Australia and still working with us remotely. How is this all possible?
When I made the decision to move back to Australia, I really wanted to continue my cooperation with Clearcode because I really enjoy my work and I felt that I had learnt so much during my time here. I approached my manager and our CEO and they were both happy for me to continue working for Clearcode in Australia, which I really appreciate. I know that working remotely full-time comes with its challenges, but I think that with all the technology and communication tools we have available it won’t be too much of an issue – you just have to make it work.

You have been cooperating with us for 3 years as a Copywriter, and lately you took the leading role in our Clearcode Marketing team. How did this all happen?
I guess you could say it was a typically internal promotion. Prior to my promotion, there was one marketing manager for both Clearcode and Piwik PRO (Marek Juszczyński), but managing both marketing teams was demanding a lot of time due to both companies’ constant expansion. So a decision was made to create a new Head of Marketing position at Clearcode so Marek could focus on Piwik PRO. I was offered the new position and accepted it without hesitation.

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