When did you start working with us?
April 2018

What was your first position at Clearcode?
Experienced PHP Developer

What is your current position at Clearcode?
Theoretically it hasn’t changed, but I don’t do much PHP today. ;) I work mainly in node.js.

How did you go about programming and what is it that most fascinates you about it?
I was first introduced to programming when I was in middle school. I ran an internet forum and I implemented some simple changes to it. I wouldn’t call that programing per se, as I was just copying and pasting pieces of code from tutorials, but it was good fun. In secondary school I started to write simple programs on my own, even writing code for our school robot. This continued through university and led me to where I am today.

For me, programming was very addictive, especially at the beginning, every time when I solved a problem I got the “kick” of excitement. Nowadays I’m interested in a broader picture like best practices and solutions architecture. I like when my design is elegant and well engineered.

Outside work you often speak at various events and teach other professionals. Can you tell us more about your extra activity? Is knowledge sharing an important part of IT?
The IT community is really exceptional. There aren’t a lot of professions with so much community initiative. Over the years I became passionate about it and started speaking at various events and even co-organising my own.
One of the events I’m organising is Coding Dojo Silesia, which is a series of workshops where we code together and learn from each other, which allows us to hone our skills. I’m also involved with several meetups, one of which is IT Depends, our company meetup where we share our skills and experiences from our work with the community. We even organise workshops which allow the guests to test the contents of our talks in practice.

Sharing your knowledge is important, no matter the industry, but in IT it has become the core of our ecosystem. Many projects would be impossible to implement o without open source work. You can open source your knowledge too, not only your work, by sharing the knowledge at meetups and conferences. I try my best to share my knowledge about best practices, but I also teach the basics of programming and design during the classes with elementary school children.

What’s your perception of Clearcode among other IT companies operating in the region of Silesia?
Clearcode is really one of a kind. Because of our specialization we deal with many interesting challenges. Challenging projects means opportunities to grow, and professional development is something that is encouraged and supported in our company. We’re big on technical culture and healthy work ethic, and the company is always proactively improving. Thanks to all that we have a committed and experienced team of talented individuals. Working with them is yet another learning experience. Only a few companies have this kind of environment that really lets you grow not only technically, but also in a number of other ways.

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