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How do we work?

We believe that work is about people. We value relationships and improving communication very highly. We don’t like putting up barriers, looking for enemies or placing blame. We work towards one goal; using our abilities and responsibilities to achieve the project’s goals. We have a flat structure where management works closely with technical roles. We try to understand Agile and follow its spirit, always keeping in mind the good of the team, the comfort of work and the goal of the project. Feedback and transparency are not just fashionable phrases for us; we try to apply them to our everyday processes.

What makes us unique?

    Each of us has an impact on the decisions and processes within the project, regardless of whether we are a tech lead or an intern. We work out solutions together and listen to each other’s ideas and doubts. We believe that comfortable work is effective work. We want to work smarter, not harder.

We invite people who

  • Think logically and outside the box
  • Feel good working in a team
  • Are not afraid of confronting various problems and options
  • Can effectively manage their time


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