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How do we work?

Our primary objective is providing clients with the best possible service. We do this in two ways: first, we maintain the infrastructure and deliver support (using Kanban) plus we develop our products – mostly through automation (using Scrum). In both areas we put an emphasis on the quality of services and product we deliver. We want our clients to choose us, not only due to the uniqueness of the Piwik PRO stack, but also also thanks to the high level of support we offer.

What makes us special?

We work with clients from North America so we deal with the time zones discrepancies on a daily basis. To adjust we are among the most flexible teams in the company when it comes to office hours. Thanks to direct communication with our customers we can’t help but polish our English skills every workday. We deal with corporations, governments, financial institutions as well as IT companies – that diversity leads us to approach each customer in a unique manner.
Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who are still enjoying the challenges they face on a daily basis – often these are quite a complicated topics. We’ve created a distinct atmosphere built on honesty, trust and a culture of independence. We always support each other because we believe in the motto: one for all and all for one. Thanks to our sense of humor (really diverse btw) time passes unbelievably fast in our room.

We’re waiting for people who:

  • Are independent and have a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Are able to creatively solve problems
  • Are communicative in English, and have an advanced level
  • Are open, sincere and willing to share their previous knowledge and experience
  • Have experience or knowledge of web analytics and on-premises delivery methodologies


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