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Customer Success Team

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How do we work?

Our team helps clients understand and effectively use Piwik PRO. The company’s success doesn’t rely on signing contracts but rather on building good relationships with clients and delivering them a product that meets their needs.

To do this, we get to know the client and their work, show them how Piwik PRO works and support them as they use it. We close the loop by delivering valuable insights from clients to our technical teams that work constantly to improve our products.

We know that our products are for people. So we want them to be high quality and helpful with an enjoyable user experience. For us, Customer Success is a state of mind that the whole company should embrace.

We use an Agile work methodology. For every 2-week sprint we split up tasks and then get to it. We summarize what happened during each sprint and also have a “retro” review meeting every month with the team.

What makes us special?

We like what we do. Each of us is exceptional and has a unique set of skills and interests. So the team is diverse and we adapt our tasks to each team member’s profile and preferences. We respect each other and value knowledge, experience and commitment. We support independent thinking. If you like all of that, we’re sure you’ll fit right in with us.

We’re waiting for people who:

  • Want to work with SaaS products
  • Want to independently establish your role in our team
  • Like teamwork
  • Speak English like a pro
  • Feel motivated and empowered


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