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Who are we?

We’re young, ambitious… Okay, maybe not so young, but it doesn’t matter. We are definitely a good, well-coordinated team that will be able to cope with any challenge. From design to maintenance. We like to learn new things, we help each other and we try to make everyone feel like at home with us. We can only argue about whether we will play Fifa or Duck Game on the console. Even in times of plague, we stick together and drink coffee remotely so we can talk about news, problems and about what is happening with us.

Why us?

If you value working in a stable team, with established practices and processes (but not written in stone), sharing knowledge and support, this is the place for you. We are not afraid of new technologies, each of us has an impact on the shape of the project. However, you leave your work behind you when you leave the office (in spirit or in body). We respect our free time.

Who are we looking for?

People who know programming well from behind the scenes but still want to develop. Those who like good practices and are not afraid to try new solutions. Someone to laugh with and who appreciates good jokes.


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