Marketing Team

Marketing Team

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How do we work?

Our cheerful marketing team is a mix of diverse characters and competences. In pop culture terms, we take a little from ‘Silicon Valley’ movie and a little from ‘The Office’.

More precisely… our team consists of IT developers and marketers. The dev side is responsible for website performance, including commercial pages, our blog and landing pages. But the core is made up of true marketers, fighting to deliver hot leads to our sales team, producing quality content and keeping track of campaign effectiveness.

Key words connected with our daily activities are: Account Based Marketing, Performance Marketing, Content Marketing and Demand Generation. If you are not afraid of conversion optimization, lead nurturing, and interest targeting… you are one of us.

Our work is organized in sprints according to Scrum project management. Jira is our best friend, helping us keep track of our daily workflow and allowing us to track the progress of our tasks. The marketing process starts with the ideas and concepts created by the team, which are later brought to life by the superhuman powers of our design and development team.

What makes us unique:

  • We support independence and give space to develop your strongest skills
  • Our team consists of team adventurers from all around the world – Germany, Australia, Alaska. You won’t get bored for sure.
  • We give you an opportunity to have an impact on our marketing activities
  • We communicate by memes – we are 100% sure that you won’t see this on your Facebook wall.


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