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Marketing CC

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How do we work?

Like most marketing teams in today’s digital world, we’ve jumped onboard the inbound-marketing train. We produce evergreen content that’s designed to educate both prospective clients and Clearcode employees about the inner-workings of online advertising and marketing technology — often written as AdTech and MarTech.

We put an emphasis on quality over quantity with the aim of dominating the Google search engine — search for terms like custom AdTech development, ad server, and cookie syncing to see the results for yourself.

Working in the Clearcode marketing team also means that we cooperate with people in other departments, including design, sales, development, and operations.

To help us pump out our modern-day works of art, we use Atlassian tools — Confluence to store and build our knowledge base, and Jira to help us plan and manage our tasks.

What makes us unique?

Clearcode marketing is a small team consisting of a content marketer, three web developers, and a marketing manager.

We aim to work in a stress-free environment where everyone helps each other out. There’s no shame in not knowing something and mistakes are made to learn from.

We welcome people who are:

  • Motivated to achieve success and produce quality work that you are proud of.
  • Able to take the initiative but still have the confidence and courage to ask for help if you aren’t 100% sure about something.
  • Willing to develop their skills and knowledge.
  • More importantly, you should be someone that people like to work with — friendly, helpful, fun, and empathetic.


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