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How do we work?

We focus on developing our product 7suite. As a team we’re involved in analyzing and prioritizing ideas. We maximize delivered value and our motto is ‘on-time, just-in-time!’. We work in Scrum and we don’t compromise on quality. We have mapped out a skills matrix and we develop our skills systematically. Our most important goal is to be an interdisciplinary team. In our team you can find people who are better in one field than others, but we all strive to make sure everyone can contribute to the growth of our product. With each success and failure, we celebrate the fact that we have learned something, even if we made mistakes along the way. We like experiments.

What makes us special?

The name of our team – ‘Punctualists’ – refers to a trait that we value the most. We do our best to avoid any electronic tools for managing our work. Instead, we cover the walls of our room in colourful post-it notes and cards. We talk a lot about product development and we always aim to conduct effective meetings – each one has an agenda and after 45 minutes there is a mandatory break. What’s more, we invest in building relationships and we are always trying to give constant feedback on our cooperation in the team.

We welcome people who:

  • Want to have an impact on the direction and development of our product (we are not interested in those who only want to accomplish tasks)
  • Want to widen their competencies and be generalists, not specialists
  • Have experience in creating huge distributed systems


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