September 15, 2021 by ,

Do you have your code repositories? What about the data? How do you collect them? Yes, we know, it’s not that easy. When data comes from multiple sources, with different formats, and arrives at different frequencies, then you need specialized tools for specific tasks. There are many tools, but in this blog post we’ll tell […]

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July 15, 2021 by

Main author: Noemi KowalewskaOther authors: Tomasz Klemens, Bartosz Mocek, Michał Masłowski Introduction Carrying out a project handover sounds very easy in theory; after weeks or months, or even years, of developing an application, you just transfer it from one team to another. When done correctly, it might be very simple and quick. But sometimes it is […]

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June 28, 2021 by

There are IT companies that hire people who solely set up and take care of the infrastructure of projects. The main aim of their work is to configure environments on which systems are developed. However, now thanks to frameworks such as AWS CDK, developers can write code that will create and configure all environments on […]

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