Piwik & Piwik PRO

Piwik rebranding and our cloud solution for the platform

Started in 2007 by Matthieu Aubry, Piwik is the leading open source web analytics solution offering powerful analytics to individuals, small- to medium-sized companies, corporations, and governments. Piwik’s commitment to providing users with complete ownership of their data, protecting user privacy, and implementing strong security features has made it a popular choice since day one. From the very beginning, Clearcode was involved in building, utilizing, and supporting the Piwik platform and community.

In 2013, a decision was made to completely redesign the Piwik brand.

In order to create a new brand image that represents Piwik’s core values, we worked closely with the Piwik team to precisely define the key associations the new Piwik branding should create.

Old logotype

New logotype


Piwik’s old logotype was far too motley for a product designed to represent and instil confidence and trust. Our design team decided to decrease the number of colors and make red the primary color. The next step was to change the commonly used Arial font types that were present throughout the Piwik brand and the Arial Rounded font used as the logotype. By replacing the Arial fonts with fonts from the Museo Sans font family together with a custom, handcrafted logotype based on the Gotham Rounded font, we were able to achieve a higher level of recognizability, uniqueness, and strengthen the positive associations connected with Piwik’s core business.


We completely refreshed the website’s look and feel to align it with the new branding. Another main change within the website was the redesigning of the information architecture. With new subpages and content being added constantly to the already large number of website pages, creating information architecture that optimizes findability was one of our key focuses. By changing the way the information and content are displayed, we were able to make it easier for users and developers to access the pages and content that are important and useful to them.

A unified and recognizable brand image across all devices.

Web & Mobile Apps

While the Piwik website is the first point of contact for new Piwik users and the main source of learning materials, news, and other information, the platform is the heart of Piwik. To match the new branding, we designed a new default theme for the platform – Morpheus. The look and feel of the new default theme is consistent with Piwik website creating a unified brand image that spans across both the web application and mobile application.

New branding

We created a new look and feel for the Piwik brand starting with Piwik’s website, where we completely redesigned the look and feel and information architecture.

Modernized web application

We restyled Piwik’s original look. The result is an ultra- modern user interface.

Mobile apps styleguide

Last but not least – we created a styleguide that provides developers with design guidelines for mobile applications.

Piwik PRO

We created Piwik PRO – a new brand that markets our cloud hosting solution and enterprise services.

New branding

We created a new look and feel for the Piwik brand starting with Piwik’s website, where we completely redesigned the look and feel and information architecture.


The Piwik platform and brand are now more prevalent than ever and exposure is increasing by the day. More and more users – individuals, small- to medium-sized business, corporations, and governments – are now making the switch from remote-hosted analytics to self-hosted web analytics, liberated analytics.

Since the launch of the new branding, Piwik has enjoyed a positive increase in all areass

+40 %

Recognition and exposure. Piwik.org’s website traffic has gone up by 40%.

+10 %

Attracting new users. Downloads have risen by 10%.

-5 %

Information findability. Bounce rates have decreased by 5%.

Matthias Althaus @althaus_it

Finally upgraded my @piwik to 2.x What a visual difference. I really like the new clean look. Good Work!

David Robin @davidrobin_fr

LOVE the new version of Piwik! Great UI on desktop and mobile app. Keep up the good work @piwik team. piwik.org #webanalytics

Anselm Hannemann @helloanselm

The new @piwik is so beautiful. Finally also love the design it has (and not only the spirit behind it).

Ben Hosmer @bhosmer

#opensource web analytics: piwik.org access and own your data. Nice interface too.

Emma Jane @emmajanehw

Just looked at piwik.org for the first time in several years. Wow. Lookin’ good!

Carl Chenet @carl_chenet

Just installed #Piwik + Piwik wordpress plugin on blog.mytux.fr Works like a charm and looks quite nice piwik.org

Adler Medrado @adlermedrado

Piwik 2.0 looks pretty

Pierre Mavro @deimosfr

Piwik 2.0 is out! Nice lifting! blog.deimos.fr/?p=4211

Jacob Buck @jacobbuck

Piwik (open source analytics platform) has recently released a major update including a re-design. Looks very nice piwik.org

Matt Fulford @matt_fullford

Piwik 2.0 just released and looking rather good piwik.org/changelog/piwi… #opensource #webanalytics

Fabian @euklid

Version 2.0 of @piwik looks actually nice: demo.piwik.org

Positive community feedback

Piwik’s community as well as new visitors are delighted with the impressive look our designers and programmers achieved. Twitter and facebook are full of evidence of their gratitude and hapiness from our new release.

The birth of Piwik PRO

Following the successful launch of the new Piwik website and updated platform theme, Piwik enjoyed a rapid increase in the number of new Piwik users. This increase brought with it a growing demand for extra Piwik-based services and solutions. We joined forces with the Piwik team and set out to meet this rise in demand head on. The result – Piwik PRO.

Cloud and Enterprise services

Piwik PRO’s two core services, Piwik Cloud and Piwik for Enterprise provide first-class solutions and services applicable to all Piwik users. Piwik Cloud provides a highly secure and reliable hosting solution for users that want to have their own Piwik instance, but avoid the ongoing maintenance and service associated with the self-hosted version. Piwik for Enterprise provides consultancy and support services to companies and governments that want to host Piwik on their own infrastructure and receive expert support, training, and infrastructure monitoring from Piwik consultants.