The analytics platform that provides comprehensive answers, not just data.

The vast majority of analytics platforms currently on the market are far too complicated for most of their users. They present only metrics and do not provide answers or actionable data.

With the fast-paced global economy, SMEs are facing the same challenges as corporations, but do not have enough time or dedicated resources for data analysis.

Goals and challenges

Darwin360’s goal was to create a web analytics platform for SMEs that gathers large amounts of information from a range of sources within their website and presents it in a clear, clean and easy-to-understand way. Instead of focusing on data tables and graphs, Darwin360 wanted to provide website owners with a Health Score – a number that represents how well the website and business are performing on a daily basis.

As the project centered on developing an analytics platform, Darwin360 first had to find a technology partner who had extensive experience in planning, designing and building platforms and applications in the analytics field. The second challenge related to presenting the data in an informative, coherent and esthetic way.

Single health score

A single number that illustrates the website’s performance.

Get down to problem

Easy-to-understand analytics that focuses on the results.

Color – information driver

The color scheme provides a powerful and unique brand image and allows the information to control the [email protected]}

Events – collect and analyze information

Mountains of data from a variety of sources displayed on one central dashboard.

What we did

By combining our longstanding presence in the analytics industry with our broad knowledge gained from producing successful analytics projects, we were able to quickly understand Darwin360’s needs and identify the best course of action for the project.

In order to create a robust analytics solution, we based the Darwin360 platform on Piwik, the leading open-source web analytics platform. Piwik not only provides a very reliable and highly scalable solution, it also delivers many of the key analytics features to the Darwin360 platform. We seamlessly integrated Darwin360’s patent-pending proprietary algorithms into the platform that analyze the mountains of data and display users with clear and simple information on the performance of their website – the Health Score.

The user experience and user interaction were a big focal point of the platform. Our first task in the design process was to understand the platform’s users. As the end users would be inexperienced in operating and reading detailed analytics reports, we focused on creating simple, easy-to-use, esthetic design and efficient information architecture.

Darwin360 was a unique project that required us to work very closely with the founders from the very beginning. This allowed us to have an impact on both the technical and functional decisions, which were vital to the project’s success.

Since our engagement, we have been nothing but impressed with their work and their dedication to our project.

John Kesler Co-founder, Darwin360


After completing the MVP, Darwin360 successfully raised new funding and we are now expanding and improving the platform.

Darwin360 was featured in the SVB Showcase conference which has a long history of recognizing and supporting emerging technology companies, many of which have become global leaders in their respective fields.

Evo Score

The visually enhanced UI clearly displays the performance of the website by giving the user an Evo Score.


The Evo Score is broken down into detailed metrics, providing the user with accurate insights into each area.

Web analytics

The optimized information architecture provides users with easy-to-understand data from each standard web metric from a selected date.

Help Guide

The visually attractive Help Guide explains all the features in a clear, concise way.


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