Big Data Developer

Job location: Wrocław, Poland

About the team:

  • We are young and energetic… no, okay we won’t put this slogan in our offer :) And even though we aren’t lacking dynamism nor agility, in the field of software development, age shouldn’t be a barrier. Quite the opposite: with age comes experience, which you can never have too much of.
  • We’re a good team and we like working together
  • We’re always open to new solutions and we’re not afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone (despite the fact that some of us have more than 10 years of experience)
  • During work – and after work – we’re likely to talk about series, cars, music, consoles or we just beat each other at Mario Kart

About our work:

  • We all work on project for foreign clients from the AdTech industry. The platform we develop connects publishers and advertisers, and its main emphasis is on optimizing the fit between segmented users and campaign being served and the reporting connected with it
  • After more than 2 years of cooperation, our relationship with the client has gone beyond the standard “The client demands, the team delivers” – making our work essential from a business point of view, and allowing us to become a true technological partner to the client
  • We’re working on one, pretty complex application, looking after its performance, scalability and, obviously, creating new features
  • Everything we do – from the process (Agile), to research, specification, implementation and deployment – is carried out by our team, giving us full control from A to Z over the decisions being made.

A few tidbits:

  • More than 150 GB data growth daily
  • More than 60 deployed instances (AWS + GCE)
  • More than 40 millions redirects daily (2.5M per hour)
  • A popular report – last 7 days: 47 GB
  • A report – last 30 days: 198 GB
  • The biggest CSV file generated for the client: 18 GB, 102,725,800 lines


This project is a never-ending challenge. We started as a 3-person team, now it’s 7 and at this stage, we have the green light to expand to 10. This expansion is directly connected to the success of our platform and desire for its further development. We already know that will work on:

  • New features (e.g. payment/invoices module, transfer into self-service model, marketplace)
  • Scalability (+200M req/day)
  • Stability (development of existing infrastructure)

Who we are looking for:

If you have experience in building similar applications or if you think you have the skills and knowledge that can be useful for us, drop us a line. We will schedule an informal meeting with the team to talk about our common vision. At first we didn’t want to put down a list requirements, because we believe that help can come from any side, but we do think that the following would be good:

  • a few years of commercial experience in IT projects
  • very good knowledge of a popular programming languages (preferably PHP, JavaScript [Plain, Node.js], Golang)
  • as well as an impeccable command of English
  • Since these are all skills that can be improved with time, during the recruitment process we place the main emphasis on a cultural fit with the team. We believe that if we like each other, we will inspire one another.

    What can you expect from us?

    • Flexible cooperation
    • An attractive salary (8000-11000 PLN net on a VAT invoiced B2B contract)
    • Private health insurance
    • A lunch card
    • A Multisport Card
    • A development tools package with a regularly updated resource library, regular events with lectures given by our colleagues, knowledge-sharing (tech and business) groups
    • Flexible working hours
    • The possibility to work remotely, provided you are able to come to the office if and when required
    • Unforgettable parties and integration trips
    • A completely unique work atmosphere – we really like to keep things informal

    Please don’t forget to include the following statement in your CV: “I hereby give consent for my personal data to be processed for the purposes of recruitment, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act dated 29.08.1997 (uniform text: Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland 2002 No 101, item 926 with further amendments)”

    About Piotr's team

    Piotr Banaszczyk

    PHP PM

    How do we work?

    In our everyday work we use Agile methodology based on good Scrum practices. The specificity of our projects as well as our long-term relationships with clients, allow us to arrange our daily work in the most effective way for us. In keeping with our standards – we work in sprints, using a backlog, planning, organising daily or refinements etc. Everything is based on the Atlassian stack (Jira, Stash, Confluence, Bamboo). In the development process, we stand upon quality, making tests (unit, functional), code reviews or pair programming an integral part of the process.

    What makes us special?

    We are definitely distinguishable by our internal atmosphere. Our peculiar sense of humour and informal relations between management and developers often lead to many non-job related chats, jokes and stories that make our everyday office life enjoyable. We treat each other as friends – not only during our integration parties, but also on a daily basis.

    We welcome people who are:

    • Interested in Big Data and scalability/performance of applications
    • Willing to develop and are not afraid of new, unexplored technologies
    • Looking for challenges in everyday work
    • Open and eager to share knowledge and insights

    We mostly use:

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    • I hereby give consent for my personal data to be processed for the purposes of recruitment, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act dated 29.08.1997 (uniform text: Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland 2002 No 101, item 926 with further amendments).