How To Build Enterprise SaaS: From Selecting The Right Features To Choosing The Right Approach

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Table of contents

  • Chapter 1.

    What does “enterprise-grade software” actually mean?

  • Chapter 1.1.

    Enterprise-grade vs Consumer-grade software

  • Chapter 2.

    Growth of Cloud Computing and SaaS

  • Chapter 3.

    The New Way of Building SaaS

  • Chapter 3.1.

    Start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  • Chapter 3.2.

    Keeping It Small Reduces Project Failure

  • Chapter 3.3.

    Learn From Users and Improve the Software Over Time

  • Chapter 3.4.

    Adopt an Agile Approach to Software Development

  • Chapter 4.

    Features for Enterprise-Grade Software

  • Chapter 4.1.

    1. Security and Data Protection

  • Chapter 4.2.

    2. Privacy

  • Chapter 4.3.

    3. Customization, White Labelling, and Extensibility

  • Chapter 4.4.

    4. Integration and Compatibility With Other Systems

  • Chapter 4.5.

    5. Scalability and High performance.

  • Chapter 5.

    The SaaS-Development Phases

  • Chapter 5.1.

    The Pre-Development Phase

  • Chapter 5.2.

    The Development Phase

  • Chapter 5.3.

    The Post-Launch Phase

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