The 12 Main Areas of RTB & Programmatic: Understand Their Challenges & Opportunities.

Become a more confident media buyer by learning about the 12 main areas of the current RTB & programmatic landscape and their challenges & opportunities.

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Table of contents

  • Part I: Introduction

  • Chapter 1.

    The Beginning of Online Display Advertising
  • Chapter 2.

    The Programmatic buying landscape
  • Part II: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Chapter 3.

    Data-driven media buying
  • Chapter 4.

    Data Optimization
  • Chapter 5.

    Increasing fragmentation and complexity of the ad ecosystem
  • Chapter 6.

    Measurement discrepancies across the platforms
  • Chapter 7.

  • Chapter 8.

    Artificial and Bot Traffic and Advertising Fraud
  • Chapter 9.

    Cross-device targeting
  • Chapter 10.

    Native advertising
  • Chapter 11.

    Integrating offline and online data
  • Chapter 12.

    Transparency issues
  • Chapter 13.

    Privacy and data ownership issues
  • Chapter 14.

    In-house Programmatic Technology and Custom Programmatic Platforms
  • Glossary

    Essential terms used throughout this publication

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