Smart startups know that success starts with a quality Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Let Clearcode help you to plan, build, and release your MVP so you can get it in front of users quicker and start gaining traction, and investments, sooner.


For most startups, finding a development team they can trust is one of their biggest challenges. Some development companies want to take equity in exchange for their work and some just care about punching the clock.

By choosing us as your technology partner, you can be assured that you will receive a quality MVP, be provided with full transparency into your MVP’s progress, and work with a team that is as committed to success as you are.

Our full-service team can help you build the following:

  • An analytics-based MVP
  • An advertising- & AdTech-based MVP
  • A marketing-based MVP
  • An ecommerce-based MVP
  • Internal systems
  • Plus many others!


From start to finish, and beyond, our full-service development team can help you turn your project idea into an MVP that’s ready for users and raising investments.

To ensure maximum success in as little time as possible, we’ll divide your MVP into 3 stages: prototyping, building, & post-launch.

Prototyping Your MVP

Wireframes and mockups can only take you so far – in order to fully present your ideas in a visual way, you need to create an interactive prototype of your MVP.

By creating an interactive prototype, you can:

  • Gain early feedback from users, test and confirm assumptions, and understand your audience – these initial findings will help you create an MVP that’s more inline with your users’ needs and requirements.
  • Deliver your vision to investors – allowing them to get hands-on with your project and increase your chances of raising investments.
  • Ensure your MVP will be built successfully by providing a foundation for development and ironing out usability issues & bugs.
Building Your MVP

Now that you’ve got your interactive prototype, it’s time to start building your MVP. Our MVP developers will work closely with our designers to ensure that all the features from your interactive prototype are moved into your MVP. Your dedicated project manager will ensure you are fully involved in your MVPs development and will provide full transparency into its progress.

We aim to launch your MVP within 4 months – depending on the complexity of your project.

Post-launch Support and Further MVP Development

Once your MVP has been released, it’s time to start gathering user feedback, scheduling appointments with potential investors, and marketing your business. We’ll ensure that your MVP is working correctly and will further develop and improve your MVP based on feedback from you and your users.

About Clearcode

We are a software development company focused on client success and building quality software. We take on the role as technology partner (without taking equity) to startups and help them plan, design, and build a successful MVP from start, to finish, and beyond.

With offices in Europe and the U.S., our team delivers projects that attract investment dollars, experience explosive growth, and undergo exists.

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  • The startups we’ve worked with nave raised over $42m in funding & investment rounds
  • We’ve launched our own ad tech startup, Kanary NEST (a demand-side platform), which was later successfully acquired by Gravity4.
  • More than 60% of our new business comes from client referrals
  • We’ve launched our own analytics startup, Piwik PRO, which provides enterprise-level services and cloud-hosting solutions to Piwik users
  • 6 out 10 of our projects are startup MVPs – we have the technical know-how and experience needed to design and build visually impressive and robust MVPs and apps

I was extremely impressed with Clearcode’s ability to work in unison with us, it really felt like they were part of our team. Our cooperation was seamless and the time zone diferences didn’t disrupt the flow of development.

Steve WhiteCEO, Clarivoy

Since day 1 they have impressed me with the quality and speed of their work.

Jon WestCEO, Founder Add Shoppers LLC

Clearcode impresses me with their technical knowledge and responsiveness on a daily basis. I couldn’t ask for a better engineering partner.

Mike ArsenaultCo-founder, Rejoiner

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